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Quick Reaction: 7x04 Defending Your Life

Yay! Episode! 

So, how did it start? Oh yeah, recap includes Amy-death-by-Dean, so nice that that's still important. Then we get the dude running through Gastown - uh, I mean Dearborn, Michigan. And he's being chased by a car! And then he runs into his apartment, and he sees his breath, and at this point I actually said outloud "And the car is IN THE APARTMENT!" and then it WAS! HAHAHA!

Sam and Dean arrive on the scene on a sunny day and Sam snaps out of his absence seizure in like a SECOND, yay Sammy! You're doing good! And Dean is all like "ugh, life sucks."

And then Sam is like *whistling and smiley* "Thanks for being a good brother Dean! I'm so happy you didn't kill my childhood crush! I LOVE YOU!" and Dean is like "uh, yeah, I totally did not kill her...right...ugh, life sucks."

Anyway, there is DIRT! 

Next! Um...oh yeah, they figure it's the little girl that the dude once killed. I also like the fact that they might be finally addressing Dean's alcoholism....what with Dean making fun of AA and being creeped out by it, and Sam being like "yeah, I wonder why, Drunky McDrunkerton." To be fair though, I don't like AA either, but that's because it has a religious component, and I don't like anything with religious components. I'm all for not killing children with drunk-driving though, just for the record.

So, um...why did they go all the way to the graveyard just to look at a headstone? Couldn't the florist have just, you know, skipped the whole grave visited and looked up the name on the internet? But whatever...nitpicking, stopping now.

They salt and burn the little girl, and then they are DONE AND DONE.

Only then a dude gets ripped apart by an adorable dog inside a bathroom of a diner. AND THERE IS DIRT! DUN DUN DUN!

The dirt is from an apple farm outside of town! And I totally forget how Sam figures that out. So they drive out there! And they come across an old man who is very upset.

Ok, I'm recapping way too much, it's not like you guys didn't watch the episode. I should just talk about the main points...

So, option to check out the bar they all have in common, or the orchard-barn, And Dean picks the bar...surprise surprise. And Sam goes to the orchard...

And I totally thought the bartender must be in on it, because bartenders aren't REALLY that chatty, you know? But apparently not. Dean drinks 6 shots of scotch (3 doubles) before switching to beer, because the bartender tells him that she'll sleep with him. Well, that's one way to curb alcoholism :P 

Meanwhile, Bobby is living in a storage locker. 

I love the line where Bobby tells Sam that he and Dean need to leave town, and Sam's like "why?" and Bobby says that Osiris preys on those that feel guilty "who does that sound like to you?" and Sam has the classic "OH SHIT!" face.


I also like Dean psyching himself up to sleep with the bartender. "You're Dean Winchester, this is what you do." Um, Dean, you don't HAVE to sleep with bartenders if you don't want to...we won't think any less of you. 

Then, YOINK!

And the bartender wasn't in on it. BUT THERE IS DIRT! 


Oh wait...the old dude gets killed somewhere in here too, because Sam didn't adequately explain about the importance of salt.


In the version of the Osiris myth I learned, Osiris can't actually leave the Nile. You see, Set killed him and chopped him into pieces and threw him in the river...and then Isis put him back together and resurrected him, except he couldn't leave the Nile after that....and that's why it floods or something. But, anyway, in Supernatural, Osiris is footloose and fancy free and traveling the world punishing people for having an overdeveloped sense of responsibility.

Oh hey, and congrats on them getting an actual Egyptian looking guy to play an Egyptian god! YAY! Diversity makes the world beautiful! 

Sam steps in to be Dean's lawyer, and I love the exchange "I was pre-law." "Yeah, PRE!"

Still, it's cool to see Sammy act the lawyer...even if he is getting his cues from The Good Wife.

Jo! I was spoiled for this, because I watched the promo-clip...I really have to stop doing that, but my willpower is weak.

I like that Jo was still kick-ass. That she didn't admit to liking Dean, and that she wouldn't let Osiris lead her answers. 

When Sam got up to question her, I totally thought the first thing he said was "So, you're dead..." and I'm like, "geez, Sam, way to be sensitive." But then I realized he had said "So, your dad..." Hahaha and I like the fact that Jo gave him a smile.

And then it was SAM TO THE STAND. And it never occurred to me that Dean would blame himself for Sam getting dragged back into the life, but it makes sense. I also like how they brought it back to the simple fact that Dean just doesn't want to be alone. But the thing is, both Sam and Dean are delusional if they think any of that is there fault - it's their mum's. I mean, Sam was marked from the age of 6 months to go down the road he went down - he was going to get on it one way or the other.

I thought it was interesting how Osiris basically hands them the key to escaping the trial, by telling them that it doesn't matter what Osiris things, it only matters what Dean thinks.

Sam calls Dean to the stand and manages to convince him that his heart isn't heavy with guilt, it's just heavy...and it's not his fault that life blows. And it ALMOST works...except that Osiris threatens to call Amy, and Dean IS actually guilty on that one. So yeah, he's gonna die.

I don't really understand why Osiris sends Jo after Dean though, I mean, it would make more sense to send Amy...but whatever.

We have a montage of Sam pacing, and then Bobby comes through and tells them that they need a rams horn - and Sam looks it up and discovers that it's used in the Jewish faith, so he runs off to steal one. I loved Dean's line of "You're going to steal from a temple!?!" Because that totally supports my personal fanon of Dean having hung out in a Jewish community as a teen.

I don't really understand why they had the Rabbi discover Sam stealing though...I mean, they didn't even really use it that much. He had the one line about Sam not being there for Barmitzvah  lessons, but...it just seems odd, it all. 

Once Sam is gone, Dean stands in a salt-circle and tells Jo that she can come out. I really like this scene. I feel like perhaps, if I had a soul, it may have made me emotional. It's nice that Dean and Jo have time to talk - and Jo actually tries to give Dean a measure of peace. 

Then she turns on the gas....but, uh, then she breaks the window to get rid of the salt...so, uh...ventilation! This is where me and my friend started making "Whenever Jo turns on the gas, she opens a window" jokes.

I did like the loving face pat that Jo gives Dean, before she doesn't light the lighter...and Dean doesn't actually see her disappear.

Beautiful talk-by-the-Impala scene! (I thought maybe Whiterock, but I'm not sure where that location was...it was pretty though.) And Dean asks Sam why HE doesn't feel guilty, and Sam is like "well, I went to hell, I've done my time." REALLY?!! Sam has to get tortured and raped by the devil for anywhere between 1.5 to 180 years in order to not feel guilty about shit that WASN'T HIS FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! Ugh, Sam, you break my heart.

But whatever, I'm just glad that Sam doesn't feel guilty anymore. Dean should not feel guilty either...well, except about the Amy thing. 

Anyway, I think they are setting up this season to be a "for chrissakes someone help Dean!" season. That boy is in crisis.

Oh, we also learn this episode that the boys are not catholic. I am not surprised.

So, what did you all think? 
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