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Rewatch S6: Family Matters (6.07)

Woo! After a week hiatus - let's get back to rewatching S6, shall we?

From the title, I can never remember what happens in this episode - but it's the Alpha Vamp episode! I like that dude.

I love the way this episode starts - with the blurry Sam POV. 

Cas: "Has he been feverish?"
Dean: "Answer him"
Sam: "No, why?"
Cas: "Has he been speaking in tongues? Have you been speaking in tongues?" 
Sam: "No! What...Are you...diagnosing me?"
- I love Cas diagnosing Sam. Castiel M.D. spin-off? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

"You think that there's a clinic out there for people who just pop out of hell wrong?"
-I think the Winchesters have this problem for a lot of things. They really do live an isolated life with absolutely no social support. It's no wonder they cling to each other so fiercely.

"How much do you sleep?"
"I don't."
"At all?"
"Not since I got back."
- Now technically, this would kill a person - but I kind of like how they link sleeping with the soul in Supernatural...like dreams are actually products of your soul, not your mind.

*Cas takes off belt*
"Whoa what?"
"This will be unpleasant. Bite down on this. If there's a place that you find soothing, you should go there...in your mind."
- SOUL-FISTING! Hahaha...oh, that joke was done to death after this episode.
- Cas now has Sam's teeth marks in his belt - unless his abilities to repair his trenchcoat extend to leather-repair as well. (or probably fake-leather repair).

"Physically he's perfectly healthy."
"Then what?"
"It's his soul. It's gone."
- And inside Cas must be like "oh, shit. DEFINITELY can't tell them it was me who raised Sam now."

"I'm sorry, one more time - like I'm five - what do you mean he's got no-"
"Somehow when Sam was resurrected, it was without his soul."
"So where is it?"
"My guess is still in the cage with Michael and Lucifer."
"So is he even still Sam?"
"You pose an interesting philosophical question."
- I like how the show never makes a direct statement one way or the other about this - is it Sam? Is it not Sam? Even when Sam gets his soul back, Dean and Sam disagree on whether or not his soulless actions could be considered his actions. I believe at the time I related it to someone going insane to the point where their personality changed. Are they still the person you love, if they no longer act or have the personality of the person you loved? If you married a sweet man who became a raging alcoholic 5 years later...is that still the man you married? Less drastically, of course, we ALL change over time. The cells in our body completely replace themselves every 10 years or so...our likes and dislikes change with experience, or opinions change with knowledge/experience...are we still the same people we were when we were 10? 20? 30? Of course, Supernatural is talking about the soul, which is a belief, not a scientific fact - but what the soul represents is that essential "essence" that makes you who you are - so if you were to remove that essential "essence" are you still you? I wrote a bad poem about it once when I was of an age where bad poetry was an acceptable outlet for all my FEELINGS. I concluded:
And if one day you turn
And cease to exist
I'll still love the body
That drove me to this.

"Well, just get it back."
"You pulled me out."
"It took several angels to rescue you and you weren't nearly as well guarded. Sam's soul is in Lucifer's cage. There's a difference a big difference. It's not possible."
-Why isn't it possible? Castiel tried to get Sam out himself before, when he was high on confidence? Is it not possible because he realized now that he messed up? Is it not possible because he realizes that it might be too late to save Sam's soul - that Sam is irreparably broken? Is it not possible simply because Castiel is empty of confidence? Too busy trying to hold his own against Raphael's forces?  

"I'm sorry. It won't ever happen again. Please let me go."
"You gotta be kidding me."
- I love how completely insincere Sam is when he apologizes. Like he's not even trying to display emotion anymore now that Dean knows he can't...only, he still tries the puppy-eyes, but they are horribly insincere and...man, basically, I'm saying that I love Jared's acting, really.

"You're not going to hold me Dean, not here, not in the panic room. You're stuck with the soulless guy, so you might as well work with me. Let's fix this."
-I like how Sam mentions the panic room - knowing already that it's become Dean's go to thing for locking Sam up.

Off to check on Grampa's soul...Sam's got a new coat. I like it. It's looks suede, but I think it's canvas. It also looks like a possible Carhardtt, but I don't see a label.

"We've been over this."
"Well recap it for our wingman."
"This Castiel?"
"You're scrawnier than I pictured."
"This is a vessel. My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Buidling."
"Alright, quit bragging."
- I love Dean's face when Gramps says that Castiel is scrawny. Seriously, look at it sometime. It's awesome. Jensen has the best reactions.
- Also, I love that angels are MASSIVE.

"You're a hell of a hunter Sam, but truth is - sometimes you scare me."
-I really do wish that Samuel and Sam could have met under different circumstances. I don't think they would have gotten along AT ALL, but it would have been not getting along in a different way.

"You better tear the attic up, find some way to help Sam."
"Of course, your problems always come first. I'll be in touch."
And so it begins... Cas only comes to Dean when Cas needs something from him, and Dean has too much on his mind already to realize that something is horribly wrong with Castiel too...also, Dean doesn't have the experience with Castiel yet to know when he should push, and when he should lay off...so he just lays off, and yeah... Friendships are hard to manage sometimes. Which reminds me, I haven't spoken to a friend of mine for 2 months, I really should try to IM him.

Sam: "When's the run?"
Samuel: "Dawn"
Sam: "You didn't call me! Why?"
Dean: "Because of me. You don't trust me very much do you? Especially when it comes to big game like this."
Samuel: "I don't KNOW you. Not like I know Sam."
- Samuel is making the distinction between family and trust first here. He doesn't know Dean. It's not the automatic thing that Soulless!Sam seems to think it should be with family. Also, as we find out later, Sam's already warned Samuel that Dean shouldn't be told about the capturing and torture - so of course Samuel isn't going to want him on the hunt. He knows Sam follows orders without question, but Dean is a whole other ballgame.

"But this is your deal, ok, I get it. I'll follow your lead. I trust you...
*goes outside*
...I don't trust him. Dude's hiding something."
- I love Sam's reaction here. "OMG, you were lying!" Hahaha

"Just, you, saying you don't trust family."
-Again, as I said above, family =/= trust. It's funny the things that stick in Soulless!Sam's mind. I guess it's like Dean says - he has no instinct. He has rules. Family=Trust, Dean=Important.

Christian and Dean...someone asked at the Vancouver convention whether Christian and Dean would have gotten along if Christian hadn't been possessed - but the thing of it is that demon!Christian had to go MONTHS without a legion of hunters knowing that he was a demon. So, basically, he had to act like Christian would act. So, I think demon or no demon, Christian and Dean would have butted heads just as much.

"I'm in the rear with the reject?"
-Oh Gwen, you always went back and forth on whether we should like you or dislike you...which was interesting. It's a shame you get shot in the noggin.

"Nothing is fine. You're not fine."
- I love how this basically sums up Dean's life. Question: Is Dean's life fine? Answer: What condition is Sam in? Good=Fine. Bad=Not fine. :P

Then there's that random unknown female hunter who calls for Dean before she's killed by vampires...who was she? I guess Dean went around the crew and introduced himself the night before.

"Where is he? Want to pay my last respects."
"Well, bring marshmellows - already on the pyre."
- Ok, this is a crappy lie, because have you ever seen a pyre? Have you ever smelled burning flesh? There is no way that Dean would just accept this lie and be like "wow, must be some stealthy pyre! There's not even smoke!" It's ridiculous.

"Grill? Torture, right? And not telling me, that was his idea?"
"No, it was mine."
"Honestly, because you'd mess it up. You shoot first, ask questions later and we needed to ask questions."
- Again, Dean's face when he asks "why?" I love it. It's very much a "we've been over this. When are you going to learn not to keep secrets from me?"

"I don't care if you have soullessness or the frickin' mumps, man. You KNOW better than this...."
- I love how Dean compares Soullessness to a disease. 

"And did it ever occur to you that this is REALLY shady!"
"He's our grandfather."
"...you can't assume that familly means the same thing to him as it does to us. He's not Dad."
- Again, the family theme of the season. Family is a choice, not automatic...and family doesn't mean the same to everyone. Dean and Samuel know this, but Sam, without instincts, is still going by the old rules.

"You didn't think I'd come back."
"I figured 60/40."
- I just love this bit.

Deadman's blood on a door isn't going to do much against vampires...it's not even on the knob. I mean, when I open doors, I don't tend to rub open wounds cross them first or anything...I'm just saying.

"Ouch. Stop. That hurts."
"Now this. This is club med compared to what we have planned for you."
- I love how it's so obvious that Samuel has no idea how to effectively torture the alpha vamp.

"Are you two going to hide all night. Come on out boys."
-Yes, hide from the vampire just outside the door - even though vampires have super hearing and can hear a heart beat from a block away.

"I didn't realize we were on a first name basis"
"Of course we are. After all, you were my child for a time..."
-Family again! 

"When your kind first huddled around the fire, I was the thing in the dark!"
-Awesome line.

"But if you're the first, who made you?"
"Well, we all have our mothers, even me."
- And who made her? We're going to be here all night, folks.
-No seriously though, this is the first mention what what will become Eve - and I love the tease of it.

"You smell cold. You have no soul. What an oddity, do you feel how empty you are?..."
- I love how all this time and the Alpha Vamp just KNOWS. Could have saved Sam a beating and an angel-soul-fisting.

"Purgatory? Purgatory's real?"
"Stupid cattle...."
- I also love how the Alpha Vamp calls them cattle. I think to me they're more like moose...you know, something you have to hunt, rather than something you can pen in. Oh man, I didn't even mean to say moose because of the whole Sam/Jared=Moose thing. It's just that moose is popular game in Canada that is not domesticated. I was going to say rabbits, but I've actually been to a rabbit farm before, so that wouldn't work.

"Why does Samuel care about any of this?"
"He doesn't. He does as he is told."

"Whatever you're doing, whatever you're hiding, it's going to put you and everyone around you in the ground."
-Dean is not wrong.

"We take the things head off or it kills us all, you know that! Ok, we split up - clear every room. You get a shot you take it - it's not going to kill him, but dude will move a lot slower without any kneecaps - and if we make it through this, you, me, and Sam are having one hell of a family meeting."
- I love this scene because Dean effectively, in three sentences, takes over as leader for the entire operation.
- I also think that last sentence is important - at this point, Dean hadn't written Samuel off completely. He was still willing to help him. At least, that's what I believe. 

Ah, the classic "alone shots" of Christian....you gonna die, son.

"Boy with no soul, I got big plans for you. It's amazing how a pesky little soul gets in the way - but not for you. You will be the perfect little animal."
- Mmm...perfect Samimal....

CROWLEY! Mark Sheppard is awesome. I love the fact that he asked that his name not appear in the credits so that he was a complete surprise.

"Since when do you give a crap about vampires?"
"Since, uh, what is today, friday? Since, let's see...mind your business."
- I want to use that line someday "Since...mind your business!"

"...Location location location. I'm a developer. Purgatory is vast, underutilized and hell-adjacent, and I want it."
- I get a frustrated kick out of fandom sometimes, because they tend to BELIEVE characters. Mind you, I'm guilty of the same thing - I did believe that Crowley could get Sam's soul back after all.

"Yeah, well, game's over."
"Yeah well, 'fraid not. Not if you want to see Sam's soul ever again."
"You're bluffing."
"Tell them, Samuel."
"He pulled us both back, me and Sam."
-Ah ha! NOW I understand why Castiel never told Sam and Dean that he pulled him back. Ok, well, I still don't understand why he didn't tell Sam THE VERY MOMENT he raised him. But I understand why he didn't tell them after the deal with Crowley - because Crowley probably wanted something that he could use as leverage against the boys, should they ever find out that Samuel was working for him. So, well played. Still, I think it's odd that Castiel didn't tell Sam BEFORE that.

"It's time to go. Get the van."
"You're letting a demon call the shots?"
"...you trust me or not? Get the van, Gwen."
-Again, Gwen...could have been a more interesting character. This is obviously going against her morals, and yet she remains...why? Is it loyalty to family? Is it something else?

"So what's so important that you're the kings cabana boy, huh? What did he offer you? girls? money? hair?"
"I got my reasons."
-Another thing I don't understand is why Samuel didn't just tell the boys about Crowley saying he could get their mum back. I mean, it's their MUM. But I guess Dean would argue that he and Sam had been down that road before, and what is dead should stay dead - even if you love them...but still...

"You boys, you're my family. So the way I see it, you've got two choices - put a bullet in your grandfather or step aside."
*Sam pulls gun. Dean stops him*
"He sold us out."
"I know. Let him go."
*to Samuel* "Get out of here."
- And, just like that one of Sam's rules change. Family =/= trust. 
- Also, further proof that at this point, Samuel could still mend fences with Dean....that Dean was still willing to give him a chance.

"You with me, Dean?"  
- Sam is so goddamn sexy when he says this. I am with you, Sam. I don't even care that you sort of look evil - it's a damn sexy evil.

Yay! Ok, I've gotta take off to a cafe and kill a few hours soon...so, until next time...or tomorrow night's new episode, whichever comes first!
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