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Good News and Bad News

Good news:
1) I finished having a lovely visit with my best friend - he got on a plane this morning. It was nice to see him. 

2) My ankle is not broken.

Bad news:
1) Our landlord is trying to charge me and my sister $300 for MAINTENANCE on the heater in our apartment. Which means that we're probably either going to have to pay it to keep the peace, or dispute it and risk the landlord making our lives a living hell - which he'll probably do because he's a bastard. We were planning to move out in the spring/summer anyway...but we WOULD like to keep the apartment until then. I don't handle conflict well.

2) I need physiotherapy for my ankle, probably. It's either that or I just leave it. I mean, it's gotta stop hurting eventually right? Sure, the doctor said I needed physiotherapy, but what does she know?

3) I can't afford to live.

More Good News:
3) I had a lovely coffee with someone in the writing/editing field today. He seemed very confident that I could get into the business - it just might take me 3-5 years...but I think that maybe it'd just take me 3-5 years to make decent money. I think other people have higher standards of living then I do.

4) I'm going to resume my rewatch s6 escapades tonight! and get back to cataloging those clothes! Yay!

5) Before my best friend arrived, I wrote a little something for the demented'verse. It's just a short little thing, and I still need to tack on an ending, but hopefully that'll go up sometime this week.

6) Supernatural is on Friday! YAY!

7) I am still alive.

ETA: 8) Jared just announced that he and Genevieve are having a kid! Yay! I am happy for them. Although I've only ever had two conversations with the man, I happen to think he'll be a very good and happy father.

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