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The Novel Project: Sign-Up Post

Today is my birthday, so I figured it was a good date to announce my original fic project...which is aptly named: 

The Novel Project

I've been trying to write a novel for a while now. I constantly, however, find myself unmotivated and procrastinating. I couldn't quite understand it, because between 2009 and 2010, I had absolutely no problem writing the two novel-length fanfics that make up the majority of the The Demented'verse.

So, I asked myself: What made the demented'verse so easy to write?

1)Deadlines - when writing Vile Violent Vacations, I posted 4,000 words every single Wednesday - which meant that I had to WRITE 4,000 words every single week. And there were people WAITING for an update, so I HAD to deliver.

2)Instant Feedback - When I was writing "To Being Half a Person" I was unsure of it the whole time. I really didn't know if I had just written something good, or something that was utter crap - I posted it, and people confirmed it was the former, and I was relieved. I was also thankful for the chance to have feedback at all, because even if they had hated it, I would have known then what worked and what didn't and it would have helped improve future writing.

Therefore, I decided that the best way to write my novel would be in a similar style. Except, I don't want to post it to the internet...so...

How The Novel Project Works:

Sign-up for the Novel Project with your email address, and every two weeks, starting Nov. 9, I will send you a chapter of my novel. You can then reply to the email and tell me what you think!

I'm starting Nov. 9, because I want to give myself time to finish cataloging S6 clothes first. Too many projects! :P

Why Your Comments Are Important:

The Novel will not be as polished as the Demented'verse - there are aspects of it that I'm still unsure about. I came up with the general plot and idea in high school - which makes some components of it a little...overly dramatic and far-fetched. Also, the over-all theme of the novel has changed as I've changed over the years, so it might be a little unfocused in parts. Your feedback will help me work through these issues, hopefully.

How You Sign-Up:

Either leave your email address in comments below, or PM me with it if you don't want anyone to know what it is. (All chapters will be sent Bcc, so no one will be able to see anyone else's email addresses).

You can use anonymous email addresses or your real ones - it doesn't matter to me. In the interest of making my life easier, I'm going to be using my real email address - so everyone who signs up has the added bonus of learning my last name. :P

What Is The Novel About?

Good question. It's about family being a choice. It's about love. It's about a guy falling out of an airplane. It's about a forest that may or may not play mind games. Or perhaps it's about something else entirely - but a guy still falls out of an airplane (at least in this version).

It's also got gay boys and brothers (no incest though), so it may just appeal to you Supernatural fans - though, fair warning: I do have female characters too.

Questions? Please leave them in the comments!
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