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Quick Reaction: 7x02 Hello Cruel World

I watched the east coast feed tonight, so this is coming to you early!

Oh man....

So, we start where left off, and the Leviathan is about to kill Dean and Bobby, only he starts melting black ooze - and apparently Cas' angel grace must have been the only thing holding that vessel together, because the Leviathan shuffles off and dies...

But before we get to that, let's return to Sam, who is being straggled by a hallucination of Lucifer. And they aren't even trying to be subtle about the sexual-assault theme anymore. As some of you know, last week I got a bit ticked off after the episode because people were making jokes about that spooning line - and to me that line was horrible, because I knew what it was referring to. Hallucination!Lucifer lays it all out on the table at the beginning of this episode though, so I sure as hell hope I don't see any jokes about it, because personally, I don't think rape is something you should laugh at...this whole scene is completely horrifying, especially since we know for a fact that what Hallucination!Lucifer is talking about it's a threat, or a joke, it's real, it's already happened.

Sam snaps out of it when Dean and Bobby find him, and they run after the Leviathan, only to see him disappear into the municipal water supply. So - before I get back to the crushing emotional moment...let's talk about a glaring plot-hole! How in the hell does something happening to a municipality in Kansas affect Sioux Falls, South Dakota? What happened to Nebraska? I mean, that little girl supposedly drinks the water in Kansas, yet when she decides to attack a hospital, she travels across another state and goes to Sioux Falls general?

Ok, um, criticism over.

Back to horrible reality of Cas being dead. Vessel gone...if Cas WAS in Jimmy still, then Jimmy's body is currently trenchcoat-less at the bottom of a lake (probably Deer Lake in Burnaby, but that's neither here nor there.) In our kind-of-actually-hilarious-even-though-it's-sad  moment of the evening, Dean fishes Cas's suddenly clean trenchcoat out of the water and the crushing reality of his friend being gone crashes in...and yeah, Dean is sad.

I did like the fact that the Leviathan went into the water though - because Leviathans are often sea-monsters in stories, aren't they? I think that's cool tie-in to real stories.

So, back to Bobby's!

Sam is pretty when he is sleeping /creepy-stalker

Wow, the cut on Sam's hand is pretty goddamn bad. I like Dean and Bobby both taking care of Sam - I'm a sucker for h/c after all. I like Dean's version of breakfast in bed - a bottle of water and a protein bar. "Don't get used to it." Ah, Winchesters, I ♥ you.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is taunting Sam from the corner of the room. Sam is honest this time to Dean though, and on the verge of tears, and it makes me want to cry, because that has got to be SO terrifying. And the whole exchange of Dean trying to tell Sam that Lucifer isn't real, and then Sam saying "that's what he says about you" - ow, my heart.

In the meantime, black inky water is infecting little girls, and demolition crew-members, and the swim team. And the Leviathans have to learn how earth and humans work, because they don't KNOW, they've been in Purgatory since before humans evolved, I guess. Anyway...apparently little-girl-leviathan does not have a very good grasp of sarcasm, because she actually thinks that surgeons can cut people up whenever they want. Damn you Dr. Sexy! Hahaha

Sorry if I'm jumping around the episode here, but you know, I'm doing this from memory, even though I have the episode on my friend's PVR and I could just watch it again - but tradition is tradition, and these posts I do from memory. 

Dean needs to go to Kansas to check out the swim team incident. Ok, wait, so so far we have 4 Leviathans and 1 "boss" somewhere....so 5?

Oh wait|! I forgot to talk about Dean and Bobby's conversation. I love Bobby for knowing to watch out for Dean. A lot of people would be distracted by Sam's problems, but I love Bobby for asking Dean how HE is, and pointing out that he just lost one of the best friend's he's ever had....

True to Dean fashion though, he has locked everything in a "steel box" and he is FINE! Sam, meanwhile, is obsessively cleaning his guns...so that's...not reassuring either.

So, right, Dean takes off to check out the swim-team, and Bobby stays to look after Sam. 

Meanwhile, it's Sheriff Mills! Jodie Mills! I love Sheriff Mills. 

Uh, where was I? Oh yeah, Sheriff Mills has had an appendectomy...and her roommate is annoying...but then the little girl takes over the doctor (again, in Sioux Falls? Really?) and the doctor EATS HER ANNOYING ROOMMATE. And it's gross! And Sheriff Mills passes out! And then comes to, and they give her something to sleep - and Leviathan!Doctor is creepy.

Meanwhile, Hallucination!Lucifer is teasing Sam again - I like how he gives the example of a hunter going crazy as "Martin started shooting at nothing." - because that's totally a call back to Sam, Interrupted back in S5, when we first met Martin the ex-Hunter now psychiatric-patient! Yay! But, um, boo - because it's sad that he's crazy and that Sam is crazy.

(And for those who suffer from mental illness, I apologize for my continued use of the word "crazy" it's just really convenient. And hey, mental illness runs in my family, and I don't have a problem with the word crazy - though, I'm a soulless bastard at times, so that probably isn't saying much.)

Anyway, Bobby comes in and calms Sam down - all the while Hallucination!Lucifer is stabbing him through the torso with a fire-poker. You know, it must have been interesting to act on the set with Mark P. in these scenes - because Dean and Bobby can't react to him at all or acknowledge that he's there - the only one who can is Jared.

Then Jodie Mills calls Bobby! And sadly, he doesn't recognize her right away...there goes my fantasy of him and Sheriff Mills living happily ever after hunting monsters and raising two 30-something surrogate sons...

So, Bobby has to go rescue Sheriff Mills, and Sam is FINE on his own, he is....and look, there's Dean home! (Ok, I was spoiled for the fact that Sam was going to be tricked into going someplace, because I watched the preview scene this week - I know, my will power for spoilers is horrible.) So, I knew this wasn't the real Dean...and I would have known it anyway (I'd like to think), because Hallucination!Dean is MEAN. He tells Sam that they should take him to a psych hospital and that Sam isn't going to get better and...general mean stuff.

And Bobby runs into the Doctor!Leviathan at the hospital and he shoots him with silver but it has no effect - and DUDE THE MOUTH THING IS FRIGHTENING.

Then the real Dean comes home, and Sam isn't around...and thank goodness Dean put the GPS back on Sam's phone. 

Sam starts doing just what his subconscious is afraid of - he starts shooting at nothing in an a warehouse...and then the real Dean comes in...and man, I love the way he handles Sam. "We gotta start small" and "This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!" Especially that last line, it's so...military, and John-like. 

And then the fact that Dean has been to hell to comes in handy, because Dean knows the difference between hell and earth, and it's the quality of pain...and that...rather sad...but hey, useful! So, he grabs Sam's bandaged hand and hurts Sam to get Sam back to reality. And it works! And Sam just keeps pressing into that wound until Lucifer flickers away....

...and is it just me, or was Sam's wound oozing black? Because...um...that's a bit worrying.

It works though, and Sam gets a call from Bobby, who wants them to meet him back at the house, because the Leviathan is after him. So off they go!

Only BOBBY'S HOUSE IS BURNED DOWN!! HOLY SHIT! I mean, I expected it, because Jensen accidentally spoiled at the Con, because he underestimated my intelligence...but geez, I didn't expect it so...sudden. They couldn't even rescue anything...ALL THOSE BOOKS! The weapons! The MEMORIES! (the only standing set on Supernatural!)....

And they can't find Bobby! And Dean calls Bobby's direct hotline and it just goes to voice-mail...and he leaves a message about how if Bobby is dead than Dean is NOT fine, and he is "going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and drive off a pier" - and as much as that's horrible, I love the fact that he said that....I kind of like the imagery of it. It's horribly dark in a sort of nice way.

Sam doesn't find Bobby, but he does find another Leviathan...who is there to kill them. And Dean shoots it with silver again, but of course that does nothing...and the Leviathan throws him and breaks his leg! And then Sam and Dean crush him with a car, but the Leviathan hits Sam in the head...and and...I love Dean's line of "I'm the one with a broken leg, you have to carry me!" 

Oh man, sorry, I got into narrating the episode there instead of talking about it....but SO INTENSE. Dean has to call 911, but only realizes in the ambulance that that means that they will go to the HOSPITAL! And that scene in the ambulance was awesome! 

Completely sort-of-off-topic question: Are there other shows out there that have characters who are prone to seizures? I'm just wondering.

So, all that progress Sam made might be undone because he was whacked in the head - and Hallucination!Lucifer is back, and says he's not going anywhere...at least maybe Sam will know that he isn't real this time, maybe he won't have that doubt? But...geez...what if his mind tricks him again?

And where is Bobby? And what's he going to do without his books? And and...oh hey, just thought of something...would the panic room burn? Maybe Bobby is safe in the panic room? Geez...but Bobby's HOUSE. I loved Bobby's house.

I feel like I'm mourning Bobby's house more than I'm mourning Cas...and I am. I guess I don't really believe that we've seen the last of Cas...or maybe I'm just in denial. 

Also, what is Dean going to do with a broken leg? Are they going to stick with continuity and keep it broken for a while? Are they going to pull a "2 months or however-long later" and have Dean healed? Or are they going to pull a magical-healing and just have him fine in two episodes or so?

This season is kicking ass so far, by the way.

Next week is going to be extra special, because my best friend is in town for it!! I haven't seen him in over 2 years, guys...I'm super excited. It probably also means that my reaction post next week will be late.

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  • Last Day

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