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Rewatch S6: The Third Man (6.03)

Today, we look at the return of Castiel and what changes now that we know what we know...

Oh no! I forgot how gross this episode was! SKIPPING TEASER! I CANNOT WATCH THIS.

Mmm, shirtless Dean, MUCH better. 

Dude! He DOES have the tattoo on his chest!! He's holding the blanket so you can't see it, then you can just see his back - but when he turns at the noise, you can JUST get a glimpse. Good job continuity department....oh wait, it was the HANDPRINT that people were up in arms about. Um...wasn't that a fresh burn in 4x01? I mean, I know all fanfic has him with a scar, but I've had second degree burns before (which was what the handprint looked like) and they heal up just fine with a little cream.. I don't think that's a continuity error - I think it's a case of fanfic getting into our heads.

Mmm, shirtless working out Sam, MUCH BETTER. Oh man, my favourite part is where he doesn't have to jump down to the floor, he just sort of relaxes onto it. 


Small of back...I'm sure I'm supposed to be talking about how Sam is using a hooker, but that's less shocking now that I know he's soulless.... and I am all distracted by body parts. (Sexuality: Confirmed - still into guys. Sorry ladies.)

"Who died and made you boss?"

Ugh, I don't want to see this scene either - where are the boys without shirts when you need them?! Thankfully, I can take these notes and I don't have to look at the scene...lalala...

"Ben, I know you're lying...because I lie professionally, that's how. Now tell your mom that you broke the damn thing and take it like a man."
-I love Dad!Dean....also, we'll come back to this ability of Dean's later in the episode.

"How'd she take it when you took off?"
"Shockingly cool, actually?"
-I love how Dean says this, because it's not exactly joyous, it's more "I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, because there is no possible way that I can actually have my cake and eat it too."

"Still driving the plastic piece of crap, huh?"
"What's your milage again?"
- Ok, so I agree that the milage of old cars is bad - but I also agree with Dean: Modern American cars have WAY too much plastic in them. It's like you get in a car and there is an extra foot of plastic on the inside of the door, and an extra two feet of dashboard that doesn't need to be there...and maybe some crazy molded ceiling thing or console...and it's like you are driving around surrounded in a shit-ton of plastic. It's a waste of space is what I'm saying.

"Were you, uh...were you racing me?"
"No, I was kicking your ass"
"Very mature."
- This is hilarious, but it's also heartbreaking...because Dean is still treating Sam like Sam, because he doesn't know yet. He hasn't really figured out that something is REALLY WRONG. Yes, he got an inkling last episode, but it's in this episode that it really starts to hit home that Sam is not the Sam Dean loves.

*Sam kicks in door*
-First off - Sam kicking in a door is hot. Secondly...ok, there is no secondly.

-Hahaha...I love stuff like this. All serious, but it's hilarious because it rhymes.

Super gross! UGH! Locusts im Kopf...worse than a Vogel! #JokesOnlyGermansWillGet

"Son of a bitch won't answer the phone"
-This is one thing I wish they had explained better in S6. In S5 they ALWAYS had to call Cas, because they had the rib thing. Dean prayed for Cas back in S4, but that was before the ribs - so we assumed they stopped praying because of the ribs, instead of the fact that Cas was kicked out of heaven and slowly losing his mojo....here they just start back up the praying without explaining how they came to the conclusion that it'd work. ALSO how did Sam know Cas was alive? And if he DID figure that he was alive, how did he know he wasn't still ex-communicated from heaven?

"Hello! Hello? Hello!"
"That is still the term."
- I like this because it's funny, but I also like the soft-smile that Castiel arrives with...the way he says hello to Sam. Like - he's proud and fond. It's kind of heartbreaking, knowing how things all work out.

"So what you like him better or something?"
"Dean and I do share a more profound bond. I wasn't going to mention it."
-At the time, I thought this line was referencing the fact that Cas had rescued Dean from hell - but Cas rescued Sam too (without handprint! I'd say his technique had improved, but we all know it hasn't...). So, Cas IS actually saying that he and Dean have formed a closer friendship - which yeah, that's true, seeing as how Cas and Sam got off to a rocky start, and then a rockier middle, and an alright end until Cas screwed up the resurrection.

"You think I came because YOU called? I came because of this."
"Well, nice to know what matters."
"It does help one to focus."
-See this is the thing with Cas...he wants Dean and Sam to love him and trust him and do what he says, but he kind of pulls the same thing on them here that he later accuses them of doing. For weeks Sam asked for answers (and why didn't Cas tell him? Was that ever explained? No. It wasn't. Frustrating.), but Castiel never showed up to even lie to him - he finally DOES show up, and it's just because they're working on an interesting case. Cas only came because he needed something from them.

"The weapon isn't being used at full capacity. I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect."
-MOSES! *shakes fist* "It wasn't me!" "Oh, sorry dude, beers later?" "Yeah man, we're cool."

Cas: "I need your help."
Sam: "That's rich, really."
- I hate to say it, but Soulless!Sam has a point! What goes around comes around!

"Sam, Dean, my 'people skills' are 'rusty', pardon me, but I have spent the past 'year' as a multidimensional wavelength of celestrial intent."
-The quote-fingers around 'year' were for MY benefit. *mumbles about timeline*

Aaron: "He gave me the stick"
Dean: "He just gave it to you? Come on..."
-Dean's ability to tell when children are lying suddenly comes in handy for more than just father-stuff!

"What'd you do that for?"
-I really love that transition.

"You're going to torture a kid!"
"I can't care about that, Dean, I don't have the luxery."
-If last episode was about our first theme of S6 ("Family is a choice, not about blood") then this episode brings us to our second theme of S6: "The ends do not always justify the means."
Angel fight!

"My car"
"Ok, silver-lining!"
- Poor Sam...but I agree with Dean...see my rant about American cars above. :P

"...two many angels, I don't know who's on first, what's on second."
"What IS second?"
"Don't start that."

"Why didn't you tell us this?"
"I was ashamed. I expected more from my brothers. I'm sorry."
-I think Castiel is ashamed of more than just his brothers...I also think he had hoped to have everything fixed by now. Castiel's arc in this season is pretty tragic, because basically he is just trying to keep Sam and Dean safe without them having to get involved, but he's going about it all wrong.

Ribbit-frogs! Here's a bit of trivia for you: There is only one species of frog in the world that actually says "ribbit" when it croaks. That species HAPPENS to live in California. Hollywood sampled the noise to use in a film, and it's become the standard for all frogs in the movies no matter the location....and therefore the standard for what a frog sounds like. I think I learned that on QI, so take it with a grain of salt.

"What is all this? What are you doing?
"Whatever I want! ...[...]...it's a new era...utter and complete freedom. [...] I'm trying everything, what difference does it make?"
"Of course it makes a difference! It's civil-war up there! If we can beat Raphael we can end this!"
-This is the problem with free-will...people can use it to screw society over. 

"Do you know what's funny about you? You actually believe that you can stop the fighting. It Will Never Stop."
-I like how this is a continuing thread - this is the same attitude that Gabriel had before Sam and Dean yelled at him....that it was all pointless, that there would always be fighting. Without their father, the angels have lost hope....I think that's the main problem.

What's with the suits. It's like a call went out 'All Vessels Must Be Smartly Dressed!'
-Seriously though? Why the suits all of a sudden? I liked it when angels appeared in whatever their vessels were wearing at time of possession.

"Why are you buying souls anyway?"
"In this economy? It's probably the only thing worth buying. Do you have any idea what souls are worth? What power they hold? Now, release me."
-Here we get a glimpse of the end game. It makes me want to go back and read my quick reactions to see if I picked up on it when purgatory was mentioned. Somehow, I doubt I was that smart, though it seems blatant in retrospect.

"So uh, are you ok?"
"Me? Yeah, I'm great."
"I just didn't get the feeling that you, that you even cared."
"What do you want?"
"I'm just trying to figure this out, because something is different with you, you know that right?"
"Yeah, yeah I know"
"I just don't think I'm getting the full scoop. You went to Hell Sam, and believe me, I know what that does to a guy."
"To you. You know what it does to you. It tortured you. I think it still does. But Dean, I'm okay."
"So what, you're saying that you're stronger than me?"
"No, I'm just saying that we're different."
- I like how Soulless!Sam calls out the unspoken monkey in the room - which is that Dean is still suffering from hell. His healing was basically put on hold for two seasons, and then when they finally gave him some space to breath, they added on Sam's death. Dean IS still tortured by hell, and you can see it in the way he carries and comports himself. It always kind of bugs me when people say that Dean's time in hell was pushed aside, because to me it wasn't...it's been there the whole time. 
- But the idea that hell would have NO effect on Sam, that it wouldn't torture him? That's ridiculous. Sam was all emotions...the guilt after Jessica's death stayed with him for 5 years (and probably beyond), there is no way that hell would not turn him into a nightmare-having-angsty-dude. So yeah, more red-flags.

Alright folks, that's all I have in me tonight. I am now going to go pass out. 

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