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So, I'm now in the movies...

Hey, where'd hells_half_acre go? You've been asking yourself. She hasn't posted anything since yesterday, and she hasn't done a rewatch post since Monday - I thought she was unemployed and the only thing she did all day was watch and talk about Supernatural?

Well, let me explain...

Today I was an extra! Now I am sleepy. The end.

Ok, fine...I was an extra on Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3. It was the first time I had ever done it, so it was an interesting experience. I've never watched the Wimpy Kid movies, so I had no idea who was who or what was going on...apparently Steve Zahn is in this one. His was the only name I recognized. There were also these adorable little twins playing one boy. 

Like most things that film in Vancouver on sunny days, it was trying to pretend that we were in California - so everyone had to wear summer clothes and pretend like it was warmer than 16 degrees in the sun. We shot on the Stevenson Broadwalk. I'm in the background for all those shots, because costumes put me in this beige shirt - and then the background director guy kept trying to put me in the foreground, and costumes would come along and be like "ugh no! she's wearing BEIGE! She can't be in the foreground." Which was actually fine by me.

As I mentioned, I don't know anything about these movies - but I did notice that everyone was a much worse actor than Jared Padalecki...he was the only one I really have to compare to, since Supernatural is the only other set I've ever been on.  But hey, these were like, 12 year old kids, and an over-the-top family....and it's a kids movie...so I'm sure they are supposed to be cheesy with too deliberate phrasing.

Anyway, in the afternoon we moved to a "pool" scene. I ended up in the foreground of the background, because they put me in a different outfit. I kind of liked the outfit. It was a red skirt (which I own) and this cute red and white top...they left it open to ample cleavage levels, because I was wearing a swim suit underneath. I love how if you are wearing a bikini, you can show off the girls in a children's movie, but if you are wearing a bra then that would be scandalous...even though they are the SAME THING. They also put me in these stupid orange flipflops that clashed HORRIBLY with the skirt. It was horrible.

In my scene we are in the parking lot of the municiple pool and I am getting stuff out of the trunk with another girl, while "my kids" get impatient and run-off ahead of us. I decided that we must be a lesbian couple who had kids in their teens. At one point the extras director called my partner the "older sister", but the actress was only 5 years younger than me, so I thought that my idea of the lesbian couple was better. 

Anyway, it was freezing. I was there for 11 hours in the cold the whole time, and I had to wake up at 5:30am in order to do it...and it only pays minimum wage. Though, they used my car in the parking lot scene, so I get an extra $35 for that.

The awesomest thing though was that I met someone who was killed by Castiel on Supernatural! He was one of the angel dudes in the warehouse in Van Nuys in 5x18 Point of No Return. He was a super nice guy. He does stunts usually. He's hoping to change his look enough that Supernatural will have him back on this season. He said that he really loved working there - from the sounds of it, Supernatural and Fringe are his two favourites. He said that everyone was really really nice on both sets. He is also a big fan of Supernatural.

He really thinks I should tell my agency that I want to be on Supernatural. I was always conflicted about that, because I hate spoilers...but damn, after hanging out on the set the other night, I kind of do want to do it. 

Doing background work is also interesting in terms of continuity of the background....they don't seem to care THAT much. I mean, they care about wardrobe and hair, but they don't care about who you hang out with in what scenes. So, we were making jokes at one point, because me and this other guy were in the parking lot unloading our "families" and then later we were in a scene where we were chatting together at the pool...so we figured that we were cheating on our pretend spouses and were homewreckers. Earlier in the day, I was walking behind the family with someone as they went to get icecream, and then when they did their scene from a different angle, I was suddenly in the background on a bench, sitting beside another person.

Anyway, yeah, whenever that movie comes out - if any of you are forced to watch it because you have children...you can keep an eye out for me. I'm the one in the beige. And then I'm the lesbian mother in a cute outfit with clashy flipflops, and then I'm a homewrecker talking to a shirtless dude at the pool (still with clashy flipflops).

Now I am so exhausted that I don't even feel like eating. Thank goodness I know myself and prepared a meal yesterday to pop in the microwave.

I also have notes on another rewatch post. I'll see if I get to those tonight, or if I pass out first.
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