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Rewatch S6: Two And A Half Men (6.02)

Good news! I got my DVDs in the mail! This means that on TOP of doing my rewatch posts, I can start working on the clothing catalogue! Yay!

Just a note though: The clothing catalogue updates won't appear for a while. As you MIGHT be able to guess, documenting that many clothes actually takes me a while. I'll be sure to let you know my progress as I go though. :)

Now, on with our return to S6....today, we look at episode 2.

So, If the teaser girl's husband is dead upstairs, whose blood does she have all over her?
Mmm, covered Impala... wait, now they are turning me into a Victorian about seeing any bit of "skin" on the Impala too! How diabolical. This show teaches us a good lesson about dressing "sexy" though, please pay attention! Less is more...or rather, more is less. Now I'm confused - basically: cover up! It's cold out there!
Dean face while Lisa consols the dejected Ben...I'm sure that was Dean at one point, trying to consol Sam when John moved them yet again. Dean's choosing to stay with Lisa and Ben to protect them, but now he gets to find out exactly how easy it is for him to make the same mistakes as his father.
Lansing, MI, (where we find Sam) is only an hour away from where Dean now lives in Battle Creek.

"Either we've got monsters grabbing babies to make baby stew, or we have a bunch of psychotic yokels grabbing babies to make baby stew. Either way, it's baby stew."

Sam: *sigh*

"Am I boring you? You got some place you need to be?"

"No, I get it."

"Good, sometimes I wonder about you, Sam"

"Sometimes I wonder about me too"
- I said it last year, and I'll say it again - I'm sad that Samuel never got to meet his REAL grandson, that he got this strange cold distorted facimile. But again we return to the major hint dropping that something is wrong with Sam. It's sort of amazing to me on rewatch that I didn't immediately see it. It's pretty damn obvious in hindsight.

Harper-Caine Secruity.
-Inside joke for Canadians? The Caine doesn't fit, but I certainly wouldn't trust a home security system named Harper (Ooops, my politics are showing).
Ben's voice is so cute.

"I know what's going on. You think something's coming for us. I could do what you do, you could teach me how to-"

"Shut-up about the freakin' gun, ok!"
-I'm not sure about the state of parenting today, but back in my day, it wasn't the end of the world if a parent raised their voice - especially if I had been messing around with firearms...just saying. I remember climbing up on the piano bench and trying to reach some matches down from the top of the piano, and my mum yelling DON'T PLAY WITH MATCHES, and startling me so much that I nearly fell off the piano bench. You know what I learnt? Don't play with matches.....because you could accidentally fall off a piano bench.
-Ok, personal anecdote aside, this is an interesting situation Dean finds himself in - because Ben is saying that he WANTS to learn. He WANTS Dean to show him how to be a Hunter. It's a more extreme case of Jo in No Exit. Dean knows first hand how much Hunting fucks someone up, and he can't begin to explain that to Ben...the only thing he can do is try to "save" the other person by discouraging them, or in this case, forbidding them from becoming a Hunter. I mean, Ben is 11 or 12, he doesn't know what he's asking. Dean wasn't given a choice at the age of 6, and he's now forbidding Ben's choice at the age of 11 or 12 because of it.

"What did he do?"


"What did you do?"

"He got into my tools. I shouldn't have yelled at him."

"Ok, do you want to talk about this?"

-It's interesting that as soon as Hunting finds Dean again, his relationship with Lisa becomes a little more dishonest. He could have said, "Ben was playing with my firearms" and Lisa would have been like "Oh man, no wonder you yelled at him!" But instead Dean lies...perhaps to save Ben further trouble, but I also think he's still mad at himself for yelling, which, again, I don't think he should be...but maybe there's some sort of stigma out there against yelling at children these days. If there is, that's pretty ridiculous.

"I know you're trying to protect us, but you're kind of scaring me a little too."
-I forget what I wanted to say about this line. Um...I guess maybe it's one thing to deal with a PTSD paranoid guy when there's no threat, and quite another thing to deal with a PTSD paranoid guy when there could very well be a threat.

Sam has a knife in his belt. He also walks right through a trail of blood. Forsenic teams all over the country are looking for a man with large feet.

"I bet you're missing your ex right about now - the ah, 'boring' one."

"God, shut-up, just be careful ok?"
-haha, sorry, I like cute little kisses.
-I like how Lisa probably reassured Dean in the past by going on about how boring her ex was...probably to make him feel better about being so 'interesting.'



"What am I in the third grade? Car should drive, not be a little bitch."
- Yes! I think actually, that this is my favourite line of the season. Ok, well, my favouite "funny" line. I actually say this all the time now. I hate stupid beeping. Especially when I put my backpack on the passenger seat and my car thinks it's a person.
Haha, when they are in the supermarket and the baby looks over at Dean and Dean jumps! I love it. If that wasn't scripted (and I doubt it was) then Jensen Ackles is brilliant (well heck, even if it was in the script, he's brilliant.) 

"Everybody is staring at us like we're child abusers"
- Ok, so, I have this weird kink for men who look really annoyed. I just love Sam's face here. On a completely unrelated topic: This is why when kids are acting up in stores, I don't look at them or their parents. I don't want them to feel judged.

"Maybe he needs a diaper change."

"Oh god, I hope not."
-Sam might not be able to feel anything, but he can still feel that he DOES NOT WANT. Hahaha.

"What's his name?"

"Bobby" "John"

"Bobby John"
- Love it. I wonder what ever became of Bobby John? Now I kind of want a weird AU 'verse where it's all curtain-fic with Dean and Sam raising Bobby John the shapeshifter. :P

"Give me the baby before I stab you in your neck"

- Haha, I love how appalled at Dean Sam is before Dean clues him in that it's a shifter. Also, this would be even more hilarious if it weren't a shifter.

"You got this whole Dr. Huxtable vibe coming off you."
- I think I just liked this line because I grew up watching The Cosby Show. I actually found Cliff Huxtable a bit annoying, but then, I assumed that all fathers were supposed to be cold and distant and take very little interest in their children. "What did you learn in school today?" "What's it to you?" *looks at father suspiciously*

"Yeah, I mean Ben. I mean, I know he's not my kid, but, I don't know, I'm starting to feel like yeah, he is. And I think about the way we grew up, I don't know, I kinda feel like I've got the chance to do something different with Ben,"

"You sure about that?"
-It breaks my heart how hopeful Dean is...and Soulless!Sam just squashes it. I mean, yes, he has a point, but that doesn't mean that Dean shouldn't TRY.  I mean, there are things I criticize my parents for that I now do because I was raised that way, but if I had kids, I would try to do them a little less...and maybe it'd be enough. 

"I'm not shoving anyone into this life, ok. This is temporary."

"Dad always said it was temporary, Dean. Said it for 22 years."
-I also like this glimpse into the young Sam and Dean's life...the idea that John was dangling this hope over them the whole time. I always forget that Hunting wasn't supposed to be forever with the Winchesters, it was just supposed to be until YED was dead. That took far longer than John intended, and even then, Hunting is never temporary.

"You go"

"You sure?"

"Unless you got a badge for Bobby John..."
-That'd be ADORABLE. "I'm Agent Page, this is Agent Plant, this is Agent Cuteface."

Dean gives whiskey to the baby. 
-Another thing I love. Back when my mum first started dating my dad, he had a three year-old (my sister)...anyway, long story short, she was once up all night with a cough, so my mum made her some "homemade cough syrup" and she went right to sleep! My dad was like "wow, that's amazing, what was in that stuff!" and my mum was like, "oh you know...good...stuff." ;)
Ah Dean and his Magic Fingers beds...it's the simple pleasures in life. 

I absolutely love how they did the baby-shifter change. It's so abrupt. No wonder the kid started to cry.

"I've never seen a baby monster before"

"Yeah, though it's not really a monster - I mean, it's just a baby. It's not its fault it's dad is a freaky shifter."

"Right, but it's a shifter too"
-Ooo, moral grey areas. Not a good time to have Soulless!Sam around.

"What are we going to do with it? We can't exactly drop it off at an orphanage. They might get upset when it turns Asian."
-I would love to have a shifter baby. It'd be cute. He could wear every colour....it'd be hard to pick him up from soccer practice though. "Which one is yours?" "I have no idea."

"You want to bring it to a bunch of Hunters?"

"Not just Hunters, Dean, they're our family...[...]...not every Hunter is a headcase, I mean, Samuel, is actually a lot like you."

"I'm a freakin' headcase."
-I love how self-aware Dean is.
-I also love that even Soulless!Sam has a really big problem with listening to people who remind him of Dean. Who was the first? Ruby? Just because someone says something your brother would say, or reminds you a little of him, does NOT mean that they should be your new guadian, Sam. Seriously, how did this guy make it through his childhood without being kidnapped by someone in a leather jacket?
-Ok, all joking aside, we get hit over the head with one of the big themes this season: family is a choice.
I love the whole scene with Dean holding the baby in the Campbell compound and not trusting anyone enough to give it to them. It's really very effective, and you feel exactly what Dean is feeling yourself while you watch it. And then Sam takes the baby from Dean, because he's the only one who has half a chance to, and the first thing he does is give it to Samuel. 
I also love the whole discussion that follows about Dean's lack of trust in them...because they really all corner Dean on it. Christian bringing up Dean's torturing in hell too...when I first watched I was mad at Sam for talking to him about it, but now I realize that Christian probably already knew. 

"Don't put that on us. We're just trying to invite you in."
-And a seriel killer might invite you into his van, doesn't mean you should go.

"Congrats, it's a boy, sometimes."
-Another good line. I love Bobby John.

Holy crap shifter!Sam is sexy. 

"So, was that the plan, to use the baby as bait?"

"No, of course not, I just thought Samuel's was the safest place"
-Why did neither one think of Bobby? Usually the pattern is: Don't know what to do? Go to Bobby's house! It's weird that Dean wouldn't insist they do that instead.
Samuel on the phone...and we begin to see that Dean (and therefore you and I) is right to trust his gut!

"I don't know what to do here, Lis. I mean if I knew for sure what the safest thing was, then I'd do it. Stay here and look after you guys, or get as far away as I possibly can, I don't know...acting like a prison guard, that's not me. You tell yourself you're not going to be something, you know, but my Dad, was exactly like this all the time. It's scaring the hell out of me."
- Yay, honesty again! Also, I love the way Jensen deliveres these lines. Again, this also gives us further insight into Dean's childhood as well.

"The one thing I do know is that you're not a construction worker, you're a hunter. And now your brother's out there, things are different. You don't want to be here, Dean."

"Yes, I do."

"Ok, ok, but you also want to be there, I get it. You're white knuckling it, living like this - like what you are is some bad awful thing, but you're not."
- Yes, Lisa speaks the truth. I think Dean wants to want to be there more than anything, but the fact remains that he doesn't. Construction is hardly as fulfilling as saving people. Also, we get a return to Dean's self-esteem issues, which sadly, only get worse as the season progresses...I get the feeling, watching these first few episodes, that Lisa actually did wonders in starting the healing process for Dean, but that's all undone in short order when Dean feels like he's lost her and Ben for good...that he's bad for them, and Lisa starts to agree with him. But we haven't gotten there yet. 

"But I'm not going to have this discussion everytime you leave, and this is just going to keep happening, so, I need you to go."

"I can't just lose you and Ben"

"That's not what I'm saying,"

"You're saying hit the road"

"Dean, if there's some rule that says it has to be either/or, how about we break it? Me and Ben will be here, and you come when you can - just come in one piece, ok?"

"You really think we could pull something like that off?"

"It's worth a shot, right?"
- And hey, they did give it a shot. It just didn't work out. Still, you gotta commend them for trying. Also, I would like to point out that Dean broke the rules first, because he showed up when he wasn't really "in one piece."
Impala!Porn ...so awesome, and a great note to end the episode on. 

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  • Favourite Entrances: Castiel - Lazarus Rising 4.01

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