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Quick Reaction: 7x01 Meet The New Boss

Oooooooooooooo man...let's jump right in, shall we?!

Slow Ride! Awesome THEN song.

And we open where we left off...and, Bobby kneels and tell the boys to kneel...and I like how Cas immediately tells them not to bother - that it doesn't count because they are only doing it out of fear. YES. The he wanted love, not fear...and aww, my heart, because maybe Cas IS just a child who is feeling unloved. And...well, he's not doing anything to fix that.

I like that Sam tries to reason with him. And yeah, Cas has a point about Sam stabbing him in the back - but technically Cas metaphorically stabbed Sam iin the back first with the whole wall-crumbling thing. I think it's very telling about maturity levels that Sam takes the EXTREMELY high ground on this one. He's not even mad - which is amazing, and I think if Cas had the capacity to stop and think about it, he would realize how much Sam must love him to not be mad. And we continually see this throughout the episode...it's really quite astonishing how much Sam loves Cas. Dean is heartbroken and cynical in comparison...but we'll get to that.

Anyway, um...yeah, so Cas disappears and Sam really isn't doing well. He falls and cuts his hand in a flashback...and then seemingly falls into another long slumber.

TITLECARD! Isn't it awesome?!?! Oh man...I was so thrilled when Jim Michaels showed it to me on Wednesday night. It's GORGEOUS. I know in an interview, Sera said that it's supposed to be the grossness of purgatory coming at you...but honestly, I just see beautiful thick black ink. I used to be quite the calligrapher (now out of practice) and I LOVE ink....it's a crazy fetish of mine. 

Back to the show! Dean upsidedown in the impala! I love these shots...they are just gorgeous. I love Dean's hair. How come Dean wears t-shirts with slogans/bands/designs on them when he's not hunting, but doesn't when he is? Ok, I've gotten off topic.

I like this sort of montage of time passing. It's a bitch to timeline, sure, because you can't...but I like the way they manage to have a ton of time pass in this episode as we see the Impala getting back together slowly. It's not like S2, when we saw it broken for two episodes and then miraculously fixed in all of 2 weeks...I like that you see it at every stage. You see Dean and Bobby working on it, and Dean working on it, and Dean and Sam working on it...you see Dean in coveralls....

It's also an ORGY OF CLOTHING! Oh my god! There's the Red Plaid Shirt of Angst, and Dean's plaid shirt that he hasn't actually worn since S3, because he was shot in it and wardrobe probably thinks we've forgotten, but SORRY! I RECORDED EVERYTHING....um...yeah, lots of clothes.

And all the while Cas is laying out his divine wrath everywhere he goes. I love how it's almost all stuff that all of us fantasize about doing. I mean, not the killing so many angels in heaven part - that part maid me want to cry...but the stuff that was bringing down divine wrath on churches like the westboro baptist church...or certain American Senator bigots....etc. I mean, it's all stuff we've dreamt about doing, no? I know the only Dean/Castiel piece I ever wrote had a similar plot - and yeah, someone prompted me with it, but I chose to write it and I happen to dislike Destiel fics...so yeah...Cas was just doing what we all would do if we were drunk on power.

I loved him visiting Crowley too. I just love Crowley...but that aside, Crowley in a demon proof/angel proof Winabago is even better. Still drinking the good whiskey. I loved that the played "These Boots are Made for Walking" over top of that sequence. That was my favourite song when I was around 7 or 8 years old (which probably explains a lot about my personality.)

Anyway...after visiting with Crowley, this is where it all starts going wrong for Castiel - because he notices burn marks on the back of his hand. His vessel can't contain what is inside of him. He doesn't even KNOW what is inside of him.

Meanwhile, POOR SAM! Sam is suffering from hell flashbacks and hallucinations, but he doesn't want to admit it to Dean, because he thinks Dean has enough on his plate - what with his best friend going on a well-intentioned but inappropriate killing spree.

I do like Sam's line of "I put on my own socks and everything" when Dean sees him up walking and talking. The SamWhump!Fangirl in me says that that means that at one point in this passage of time, Sam couldn't put on his own socks.

Sam is just putting on a brave face though, because he hears things and sees things...and Bobby's the only one who actually catches him in a panicked flashback. And then when Sam tries to go tell Dean, he overhears Dean saying how everything is always shit for him, so Sam not being ok would just make sense because when has anything ever gone right...so Sam's reaction isn't "you're right, I'm not ok", it's "I'll be ok for Dean's sake! Because I want Dean to feel good about at least ONE thing." And yeah, it's not a good tactic, but it's something that Sam has been doing his whole life....why stop now?

A side note: I also love Dean's line about fixing the car - "I should do this professionally!" ...how many curtain, au, etc fanfics have Dean as a mechanic? All of them, you say? I feel like that was either a joke about how Dean can fix impossibly broken cars, or it's a direct shout-out to the fandom who has already decided what Dean's perfect occupation would be. :-P

Also, that scene with things trying to come out of Cas's stomach was SUPER GROSS!

What happens next? I've gotten all turned around.

Oh yeah...Sam decides that they have to try to fix/kill/help Cas SOMEHOW! And that leads to Dean thinking of the only weapon he's ever heard of that would work against God....Death.

(Side note again: I loved Bobby's snarky "I lost my god-guns" or whatever that line was...perfect. I also loved earlier in the episode where Dean snaps at Bobby about not knowing how to fix things for once, and then immediately apologizes...our boys are so grown up!)

So, binding Death time!! Oh man...apparently they need preserved lightening. So, time to drive for 9 hours and then break into a rich dude's house!

Another GREAT scene, where the rich guy is holding Dean at gun-point and Dean just says "I really don't want to hurt you" and the guy is like "I'm the one with the gun" and Dean is just like yeah...BAMF!Dean has both rich people tied to chairs in the next scene, before Bobby and Sam even make it back to the room. I love BAMF!Dean.

Binding Death time! The thing I absolutely love about Death (besides the fact that he is played by Julian Richings/Bucky Haight (Hard Core Logo fans? Yes/No?) ) is that the boys are TERRIFIED of him. I love how he really is as powerful as the REAL God and they KNOW IT. 

I love how Dean brought him pickle chips and a coke to try to soften the whole insult of the binding-thing. It doesn't work of course, but it's still a valient effort!

Man, the whole scene with Death and the boys, and Death and Cas is just too awesome to put into words. It is just so awesome.

I love afterward, how Sam and Bobby are both making the "no, YOU talk to him" faces at Dean, and then Dean says "Uh," and Death immediately says, "Shut-up, Dean." ....just....so brilliant.

Cas goes off in a huff, because he's told that not only is he not really god, he's a "stupid little soldier" and he's carrying around possibly more than one Leviathan! Uh, that's not good....very much not good.

He goes to a Senator's campaign office to deal out somemore wrath, and you start to really see how sad and pathetic it all is..because he's trying so hard to be a better God. He's trying to be the what he wanted his father to be...and most of all, he's trying to be loved...but no one seems to be able to see that, because he is SCARY AS FUCK. He's like a weird version of Frankenstein's Monster.

Cas wakes up in a pool of blood, and everyone is dead - even people he didn't want to kill. He's losing control and he knows it.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota...although Death has scheduled an impromptu eclispe, Dean has given up all hope. He's set up with his whiskey and his asian cartoon porn, and he's DONE. I guess, from his point of view, he's tried reasoning with Cas about 4 times now and each time it's fruitless - more than that, Cas has continually insisted that he isn't Cas anymore...and also Cas broke his brother...and also, Dean is made at Sam for not telling him how broken he was...and yeah...Dean has had a rough few weeks/summer/I'm-not-sure-but-his-hair-looks-great.

Sam, though, hasn't given up on Cas. Tenacious old Sammy, who is either extremely moral and forgiving, or has serious issues, because holy crow man! Cas BROKE YOU. He put you into a state of near-living hell! And yes you still have hope that he'll come around, you still WANT to help him...and I know there's the whole world too...but the way Sam structures it, it's really not about the world, it's about his friend Cas, who just made some mistakes and Sam is just trying to help him fix them, even though one of those mistakes may have very well taken Sam's life away from him...again...oh man...seriously, Sam needs ALL OF THE HUGS. (Cas does too, but we'll get to that.)

Sam thinks he's failed, but he hasn't, because Cas shows up and asks for the help. And, man...I was hoping Cas' arc would be a redemption arc, but I didn't realize his arc would take place over one episode....

They take him back to the lab and Sam runs off to get virgin/purgatory blood (and how come they just had some more virgin/purgatory blood sitting around? Crowley and Raphael should have gone looking before using that dog's blood by mistake, obviously....also, who cleaned up the lab while they were gone? Or did Bobby and Dean have to scrub that wall down again?)

Of course, the problem with Sam running off alone is that he finally has a hallucination that he can't shake as easily...this time, it's Lucifer! And man, I'm glad I avoided spoilers, because I had no idea that Mark P. was back on set. He looks good when his face isn't melting off. Anyway...Lucifer tells Sam that he really is still in hell - that this is just a long con. (And dude, I totally wrote that into my "Sam Is..." story...so I'm super thrilled by this storyline). Sam can't shake this hallucination as easily, and his grip on what's real and what's not begins to waver.

Thankfully, he puts down the blood before he allows the hallucination to make him wander away.

Meanwhile, Cas is trying to apologize to Dean...about Sam, about everything. I like that Cas feels regret, that he's trying to apologize. I like that although Dean doesn't forgive him - he's honest with him. Not every apology deserves immediate forgiveness....that being said, I think Dean DOES forgive Castiel, he's just still too hurt to admit it. 

They perform the ritual....and the souls return to purgatory...and Cas dies. I like that Bobby and Dean don't know if Angels are supposed to breathe or have a heartbeat. I love Dean's line about Cas being "such a child, why didn't you just listen to me?" because it really does show that Dean loves Cas...Cas just never learned the bro-code to be able to tell.

And then Cas comes back to life...and I'm sitting there thinking "no, this has all been too easy...this can't be real..."

Sure enough, it IS too easy. The Leviathan held on....Cas' last act as Cas is to push Dean away and tell him to run, to try to warn him...and then...

Then Misha Collins turns into another character who announces that Cas is dead and then laughs...quite evilly...over the closing credits.

I feel sorry for all those butt-hurt Cas!Girls who vowed not to watch this season, because personally, I think it's going to be one HELL OF A SEASON!

Also, Cas can't really be dead, eh? Because...I mean, he was alive just before the Leviathan took over? And and...we didn't see wings...PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! :P

Also...where's Jimmy in all this...did he get sucked into purgatory? Is he still inside? Why does no one ever think of Jimmy? (or Adam for that matter....poor Adam.)

Also...where the hell did Sam run off to? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SAM?!!? Oh my poor Sam....

And poor Dean too, because he's got a possibly dead bestfriend and a broken brother...and a crazy ass Leviathan running around.

Like I said - this season looks awesome!

So, what did everyone else think?
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