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VanCon2011: Day 3 - Men who wear make-up can still be dangerous!

Finally, we come to day 3...

Today was the day of the Breakfast (which is the main appeal of a gold pass, besides seating), and the J2 panel! Much like last year, there were some people who were apparently swimming in money enough to buy a ticket for the whole weekend and ONLY come for Sunday. I am definitely not one of those people.

I woke up with an extremely stiff ankle. So, note to everyone: ice your sprained ankle even if you are tired and just want to sleep.

I was a bit slower to get ready, add onto that the fact that I get nauseated when I don't get enough sleep - and my morning was a very careful game of not hurting myself and not making myself sick.


I did manage to get to the hotel for breakfast though! Yay! I only at fruit and a croissant, in the hopes of not further upsetting my stomach. I think it might have also been nerves, as I knew later I would be doing photo-ops.

I was chatting to my tablemate about Star Trek, which seemed to be a weird sub-theme of the weekend. Anyway, suddenly the room got quiet and then Jensen and Jared arrived! Yay!

Jared arrived with a towel already in hand, given to him pre-emptively by cliff. A fan seemed to have come prepared too, and immediately offered Jared a fan. "A fan from a fan" Jensen quipped.

Jared asked if we had flirted with Sebastian, Jensen added that the convention should have been given an "R rating for Sebastian." They both apologized for Sebastian's existence.

They told us that they had had dinner with Phil Sgriccia, John Showalter, Guy Bee, Serge Ladouceur and Jim Michaels last night. Jared added that Serge was "the ninja of Supernatural."

Someone mentioned that Jim Michaels had been at the Desert Party last night, and Jared got really confused wondering how Jim could be in two places at once - "he was sitting right beside me....or was he?" It was amusing.

Jared said they all went out to dinner because "we miss our wives, let's go have steak!"
Jensen: "Nothing takes the place of a woman like a nice hunk of meat."

Jared: "I haven't figured out drying out after a shower" saying that he gets out the shower, puts on his clothes, and then *looks down at himself* "aww man."

Jensen makes more jokes about Jared sweating, explaining how he has to have a towel while on set to dry Jared off between takes.

Jensen *looks at Jared*: Take a cold shower!
Jared: I DID! (If you can find video of this moment, and I know there's one out there, I absolutely love the way Jared says this. It's adorable. Very much like a younger brother.)

An audience member calls out that it's menopause, and Jensen and Jared both laugh and amend it to "manopause."

They asked the audience about how karaoke went, laughing at the fact that Chad and Sebastian stage-dived. They asked about Misha's cruise - Jared marveled at all the hands that went up "big boat then!"

Jensen recounted how he and Danneel had gone kayaking around the harbour the weekend before in a two seater kayak. Jensen acted out how he did all the kayaking for 4 hours while Daneel enjoyed the scenary. He said he came into work the next day and couldn't move his shoulders.

Jared asked if anyone had any trouble with customs on their way in. One girl actually missed her flight, and had to get another one. Jensen thanked all the people who flew in from out of town. They asked how many people were from Vancouver, and then told us that we didn't get any thanks! :P

Then they told a story about how they recently broke down a very important set, and Jensen wanted to steal a bunch of stuff from it as souvenirs. He went over to get something that he had had his eye on all day, only to discover it was already gone: "Jared!"

Jensen then said that nothing beat the souvenir Jared got of the decal from the Impala steering cap.
Jared: "The honker."
*Jensen laughs fondly*: The honker!?
Jared: "What else do you call it?"

Then came a hilarious argument where Jared defended his use of the word honker as opposed to horn, and Jensen continued to laugh at him.

Jared told the story behind their call for ducks. Apparently there are a lot of low awnings/objects around set, and "some of us are tall" and so they hang ducks down so that people see the duck and know to duck.

Jensen seemed annoyed by all the ducks, and when someone told them about the giant inflatable duck Misha had orchastrated yesterday, he suddenly pulled a switchblade out of his pocket and declared that he was going to kill it.

Now, in my memory, that knife was REALLY big, I've since seen pictures and it seems to be a legal limit (though, I'm fairly positive that switchblades are illegal in Canada. I know butterfly knives are - much to my dismay.)

They talked about James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter guest starring. Jensen asked how many in the audience were Buffy fans, a good portion cheered, he told them to "get over it." I cheered (I am part of the minority who did not like Buffy.)

Jensen was asked about directing, and he said that it was more difficult this time. It was a more complicated episode. Ivan Hayden, who was standing in the back of the room, yelled up: "You were awesome. The crew was talking about how impressed they were-"
Jensen: "Shut-up!"
Then Jensen went on to thank the crew for helping him out so much.

He was asked what it was like directing Jared. He said that they've always taken care of each other, so it was just the same as always and Jared trusted him.

He talked about the difference between technical directors and directors who understand acting. He said that a technical director will say "Move over here when you say this line, because it looks good." But the actor will counter with "there's no reason for me to move over there. I would just stay here to say the line." So as an actor/director, Jensen can find the motivations he needs so that his actors go where he wants and it still makes sense character-wise.

Before they left, Jared quickly told a story about how Genevieve was making fun of how they run in the anime. Jared acted it out and everything, saying that Gen had sent him a text with the words "tee hee" and a video of the running.
Jared: "I love you too, Honey."

What I loved about the story though, was the way it cracked Jensen up. He's very beautiful when he's genuinely amused, and Jared seems to know just how to genuinely amuse him. It's a very lovely friendship they have going, and you can see it in the way they look out for each other and make each other laugh. (/cheesyness.)

And with that, the breakfast was over.


Photo-ops were next. We all went down and waited in the auditorium to be called up row by row. I got to talk to elsewhere_kels while we waited, which was very nice, as unlike last year when I knew no-one, this year I knew too many people and felt like there wasn't enough time to visit with everyone as much as I wanted to.

We decided that I'd keep her ahead of me in line so that I could watch Jared and Jensen react to the dolls. I think they were really amused and impressed by them. Jensen smiled and Jared said "alright!" and they did a great pose with them. I hope it worked out - I wasn't able to see the finished photo at the end of the day.

When I was pushed up, Jared was still turned giving ratherastory the doll back. Jensen locked eyes with me though and said "hi" which I said "hi!" back to. I put my arm around Jensen's waist and then opened my other arm on the other side of me for Jared to slot into.

I have to say at this point, then I'm extremely lucky, because the part of the body that turns me on the most is actually a part of the body that it's completely respectful to rest your hand on when taking photos. So, yeah, I was so focused on remembering the feel of their waists under my hands, that I actually kind of missed the fact that Jared put his hand on my shoulder!

After I was done, I turned to Jensen and looked him in the eye and said thank you, and then I turned and looked at Jared's chest...then titled my head up and looked him in the eye as well, and repeated a sincere "thank you." He looked down at me and smiled. And then I was off and someone else was walking up. I must say, Jared really is ridiculously tall. He's supposed to be as tall as my sister's boyfriend, but he really seemed much taller.

So, after surviving that. I went back down to the auditorium to wait for the Jared solo photo-ops. My ticket for Jared had been a surprise gift from a friend, and I wanted to take full advantage (in a polite respectful way). So I was really hoping that it would all go well. I had a big ball of nervousness in my chest.


I finally got back up to the photo-op room, and waited in line. A few people in front of me were asking for hugs and getting them...or just walking up and hugging him rather, but I wanted to ask, just to be as respectful as possible - because he doesn't HAVE to hug strangers all day.

When I got to him, I stopped and said: "Can I get a hug?"

Jared spread his arms out and replied with a very enthusiastic: "GET IN!"

So I did!

And man, that boy is TAUT. It's like hugging a warm, living, marble statue. His body was all angles and no curves - I swear I felt a CORNER. Forget his ass, you could bounce a quarter off every single part of his body.

I squeezed him, because that's the way I give hugs - but Jared himself was extremely gentle with me...probably because if that much muscle squeezed me, I would be crushed. :P

I then stepped out of his arms, thanked him very much, and walked away on cloud 9. I even forgot about my ankle until I was all the way back downstairs.


Me, elsewhere_kels and borgmama1of5 were chillin' in the front row (instead of being crammed in row B, where we belonged) when Chris Heyerdahl came out. We just stayed where we were, wondering if anyone was going to give us a hard time about it.

Chris came out - cowboy boots, jet black hair. He looked different, but still very skinny, and still Alistair. He joked: "You guys are going to take off right after me, right?" knowing that we were all eagerly awaiting the Js' panel.

He walked back and forth across the stage to answer questions, coming right off the stage to stand directly infront of the person asking the question.

He is currently shooting a western in Alberta called Hell on Wheels.

He slipped into the Alistair voice so easily on a couple of questions, it was beyond creepy and awesome.

When asked what they poured down his throat instead of salt, he informed us that it was sugar - but that hardly made it pleasant. Everything that went in or out of his mouth during the torture scene was a combination of sugar, water, and his own saliva.

The singing Alistair did in the torture scene was in the script, but the way he moved his feet as if trying to dance was Chris' idea - because I'm in Heaven is a Fred Astair number.
Chris: "If you guys saw Dean walk into the room, wouldn't you sing I'm in Heaven?"

He then sung it a little in Alistairs voice - still creepy!

The difference between Supernatural fans and Twilight fans? - Supernatural fans are more mature.

He based Alistair's voice off of Mark Ralston's previous work - which the studio sent to him. He said he was laughing and clapping while he watched, because he was so excited about the roll.

He was asked what he preferred acting on - a set where the effects are more practical (like Supernatural) or a set where the effects were more CGI (like another one of his projects, whose name escapes me) - As long as you give a good actor to play against, like Jensen, then he's happy with anything.

He was asked how he liked playing evil. He said that he was always a devil-child. He likes how evil can be anything they want, whereas a hero is more rigid in how they can act.

If he could play any other character on the show, who would it be?
Chris: "I'd like to play with Dean again." - adding that he ONLY wants to play Alistair, no one else.

He was asked if Jared and Jensen played any pranks on him.
Chris: "They wouldn't dare." adding, "what can you do with a guy who's tied up..." which made the audience laugh.

He said that Alistair wouldn't want to be King of Hell, too many responsibilities. Alistair is more fun-loving. When pressed on who would win in a cage match, Alistair or the YED. Alistair said that they'd put down the Twister board, get oiled up wearing g-strings - Alistair's would be leopard, YED's would be tiger - and the first one to get the other's off wins.

He was asked about the prostetics he wore in Sanctuary. They took 3 hours to put on, and it was a toxic wasteland of glue. It took 1 hour to take off...and a lot of oil.
Chris *sings in Alistair voice*: I wasn't in Heaven...

He was asked if there was a particular villain that he was attracted to. He said that he liked Ralph Fiennes in Dealthy Hallows Part 2.

Then he told a story about how he was taking an acting class in Bampf (Alberta) once, and this teacher from Stratford (Ontario, which has a famous theatre) had them doing this exercise where they bounce on their bottoms and hum. He mimicked it for us, including how unimpressed he and his classmates were at how ridiculous it was. Then the teacher said, "This is Ralph's favourite exercise" and suddenly they were all doing it which much more enthusiasm!

He said he liked having his head shaved for the part of Alistair.

He was asked what a possible motivation for Alistair being brought back could be. He replied that he didn't know, and that was probably why he hadn't been brought back. He did think that Alistair should do a one-season spin off where he takes you on a tour through Dante's Hell.
Chris *in Alistair voice*: "First level; be careful of the heads."

He was asked about his voice work in one project, and he talked about how when he was playing a creature from outerspace, the voice was easy to come up with because an alien would not have the same vocal chords as a human - so it would be very difficult for it to speak our languages.

He was asked if he follows Supernatural at all on TV. He replied that he doesn't actually have cable. He said that he has DVD dates with his wife. The crowd "awwed" which he was amused by, because "it's not really that romantic." He added that Supernatural wasn't exactly a great choice for DVD dates, because it would be him watching hot boys with his wife.

He said that when he got the part, he looked up Jensen and Jared on youtube. The first video he clicked was Jensen doing Eye of the Tiger.
Chris *huge smile*: "Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a good time."

And with that, Chris' time with us was done!


It's always SO TENSE just before the panel - everyone is so anticipatory (I'm not sure I just used that word correctly, but you know what I mean.)

The opening video was a J2 video set to You Got A Friend In Me by Randy Newman. Then the boys came out to thunderous applause...and elsewhere_kels running quickly past the front of the stage in "duck and cover" mode trying to get back to our seats after having gone to use the bathroom. It was hilarious from my angle.

Jensen made fun of the music choice. Jared's mic wasn't working. Finally, Jared got a working mic, but then he couldn't figure out what words he wanted to say, and didn't seem able to complete a sentence.
Jensen: You're really having a day, aren't you?

Jared wanted to point out the crew that was in the audience - which he did. Then he apologized once more for Sebastian's existance.

The first questioner was a very cute little girl, who asked "What do you do when you aren't doing your movies." Jensen and Jared both smiled like she was the cutest thing ever. Jared said that he liked to spend time with his wife. Jensen said that spending time with his wife was a given, so his answer was that he liked to sleep a lot.
Jared: "And do our homework, and brush our teeth...you owe me"
Jensen: "and sleep."
Jared: "And take out the garbage."

The next questioner mentioned how on Wednesday, when some fans found the crew filming, the crew had actually turned the camera on the fans and filmed them while Phil Sgreccia thanked them for their support...she said that was really special and thanked them for it. Her real question though, was whether there was an episode they particularly related to.
Jared: "The one where I played Lucifer."
Jensen: "That makes sense."

In seriousness, Jared said that it wasn't one particular episode, but more the general feeling of being a little brother. And the line in S6 about how Sam won't leave Dean alone out there - that sense of comradary.

Jensen: "I was just going to say the western episode."

They then spotted Serge Ladouceur in the crowd and talked about him. Jared calling him "the glue" and Jensen saying that he was "The Ironman of Supernatural" and a constant professional.
Jared: "And he dodges bullets."

The next question was for Jensen-
Jared: "Sounds like a stupid question."

The mics started really acting up for the question, and Jared kept asking Jensen and the Questioner: "Do you have a tambourine in your esophagus?" until Jensen just said "yes."

The question was about whether Jensen visualized the edits when he was directing - Yes.

Next question was asked by my non-online friend! She had bought my silver ticket off of me when I was able to upgrade to Gold. It was her very first convention, and she's not involved in Fandom at all - in fact, the only stories she's read have been MY stories. She's been wanting to ask Jared and Jensen how they feel about the construction of masculinity on the show ever since she started watching it (back in 2009, when I forced her to watch all the DVDs until I didn't have to force her anymore). The problem was that she was worried it was too much of an "academic" question in comparison to most questions asked at conventions.

I suppose this is one thing that I can thank Sebastian Roche for...because when I talked to her on Friday night, she was thinking that she wouldn't bother asking. Then after Sebastian and Misha's panel, she told me she WAS going to ask her question FOR SPITE! Hahaha, SOMEONE had to bring up the calibre of this convention, and she decided that it might as well be her!

That being said, she apparently consulted with a friend of hers who is in gender studies on a way to ask the question in a "Con-friendly way"

So, her question: How do you feel about the way you are shown in the show as being very masculine men...
*at which point, both Jensen and Jared stand from their chairs (Jared knocking his over in a manly fashion) and adjust themselves in a manly way, while holding their arms to show off their manly muscles*
...but then you are given actions to perform and traits that break that very manly man portrayal...

Jensen summed up the question, which had been swallowed by cheers from the crowd. And then answered it, and you'll have to forgive me for going a bit meta here, because gender performity and the construction of masculinity in Supernatural is something that my friend and I discuss at length throughout each season.

Jensen said that it adds layers to the character ... the more colours you paint the character the more interesting they are.
Jared added that Sam and Dean have to think and feel and have hearts in order to be realistic, not just "bashing down the door and shoot and leave." Adding, "I see who you want me to think you are, but who are you? So you have to get both sides."

So, basically, she asked a question about gender performity, and got a gender performance! Love it! Mostly though, I love the answer, because in their own way, what they are saying is the same thing the show is constantly saying - the social idea of what a man is, is not actually what a man is...and anyone who acts like that is only ACTING like that - it's not real, it's a facade to hide behind.

Anyway, question answered, my friend stepped away from the mic, and turned and gave me the sweatiest high-five I have ever received. (Love you!)

The next question was from another person who had watched them filming - adding that Jared had seemed surprised to look up and see people watching, and she was wondering how they felt about people watching them. They looked up over the audience and raised their eyebrows at her...because it was a funny question to ask when they were in front of a crowd of people watching them.

Jared said that sometimes it can take you out of the scene. He doesn't actually let his friends and family visit him on set, because when he's acting as Sam, he prefers to keep it as real as possible - and having someone around reminding him that it's just a TV show damages the performance.

The next questioner asked about how they reacted to the Vancouver/Canuck Riots after the Stanley Cup game.
Jensen: "I got a 60' flatscreen - it works great!"

In all seriousness, Jensen answered that they were really sad. After living in Vancouver for a decade, he knows Vancouver, and it's a really great city. The riots painted Vancouver in a bad light, and it really is a great town. Jared added about how it came out after that it was instigated by a few jerks who drove in looking to start something. Jensen said that he although he didn't understand hockey, he knew that the town loves it.
Jared: "I always cheer for Brian Boitano's team."

Jared was asked if he pulled any pranks on Misha for his birthday. He said that he was actually "sweet" this year, because Misha hasn't been sleeping because of the baby. So he texted him - only to find out in the morning that he was the first person to text him. He joked to Misha that he must not have very good friends.

The next person asked what Jared's tweet had been about a few weeks ago, when he had said "so much for the warm welcome back to Canada." He explained that he was pulled over in customs.
Jared: "I wear make-up for a living; I'm not a dangerous guy."

He added that he needed some love while he was in that cold grey room, and his tweet-family gave it to him. "I had a weak moment."

The next question was about the first job was that made them feel like they had made it, and what they bought to reward themselves.
Jared: "When I was on Days of our Lives."
*Jensen's eyes get really big*: "Me too! That's so weird!"

Jared said that he was still amazed, but that he figured it was probably Gilmore Girls, when it was only supposed to be 4 episodes, but they asked him to stay on. He says he bought a TV - "something to play nintendo on" adding that it was back when TVs were huge.

Jensen said that it was indeed Days of our Lives.

At this point, someone from back stage pushed the huge inflatable duck on the stage, and Jensen suddenly and violently made good on his promise from breakfast. He whipped out his knife and stabbed it, then slashed it numerous time. Jared fled and cowered on the other side of the stage, eyes wide and laughing in disbelief. I personally think he was just as surprised at the level of Jensen's attack as the rest of us.

When the duck was well and truely dead. Jensen sat back down. Jared declared "I'm not scared of Vancouver, I'm scared of him!"
Jensen *feigning upset*: "I didn't expect him to come up behind me like that..."
Jared *reaching over and patting Jensen on the arm*: "It's ok, you're home, you're home"
Jensen: "I didn't hear the safe word, so I just kept going..."

It was all very hilarious - but personally, I really think the lesson here is NEVER SNEAK UP ON JENSEN, HE WILL SHIV YOU!

(I also think that the display was a very nice counter argument to Jared's 'I wear make-up for a living; I'm not a dangerous guy' statement - and also circles around very nicely to our little discussion on the construction of masculinity!)

Jensen returned to the question saying that he had actually hinged everything on the audition for Days of our Lives. If he hadn't gotten the role, then he would have moved home and gone to college. He also said that when he joined DooL, he signed a 3 year contract. Deidre Hall, who played his mother, told him "learn your lines, and stay out of my light." Then after working with her for a year, she told him that if they wanted him to sign another 3 year contract, she wouldn't let him - because he was going to go places.

The next question was about acting with the babies in Two and a Half Men (5x02).
Jensen: "You can't direct a baby."
Jared: "No?"
Jensen: "Unless his name is Jared."
Jared points to self dorkily and mouths "that's me!"

Jared then said that one of the babies was a Zen Master Baby, he was just always happy, no matter what was going on. This, Jensen confirmed, was the carseat baby. Jensen spent an hour in the backseat of the car with the baby.
Jared: "You learned to breastfeed."
Jensen: "Yes. He was not happy."

Jensen said that he had to make a little tent over the baby because the car got really hot. The audience awwed.

They were asked about what scenes they found the most intense. Heart was one of them, Jensen stating "you got really upset." and that "I got upset FOR you"...and Jared mentioned Dean's hell speech, and how "you had to walk that one off."

Jensen explained that even though you know it's not real, your body doesn't. Jared referenced a book, "Stumbling onto Happiness" about the physiology of the brain, and how there's no such thing as a fake emotion. He mentioned how in Croatoan, the scene where he tells Dean to go really got to him for some unknown reason and he just started weeping. The director asked him to pull it back because it didn't make sense for Sam to get that emotional as a character.

Favourite book and author:
Jared: The Great Gatsby was his favourite book for a long time. Now he reads everything by John Krakow.
Jensen: "Yes." *laughter* "I'm really not the one to ask. I'm reading a book about the Dallas Cowboys right now."

They were asked about voice-over work. Jensen explained about how his Dad does voice over work for a living. He has a studio in his house. "Step into the closet to go to work." Jensen said that it's surprisingly hard to get into, which is why he's very grateful for the opportunities he's had in that industry.

The anime was a different experience, because unlike something like Batman: Under the Red Hood, where the animation is done after the voice acting, the anime is already animated with the lips moving in time with the japanese dialogue. So you have to fit the english words to the lips.

Jared added that acting is also hard when you only have a voice. He said he thought the anime would be easy, because "I talk all the time, I can't shut-up!" Jensen nods in agreement, and Jared adds "shh! I'm talking" to him. It was very hard for Jared to synch the dialogue to the lips.

The next question was about the technical aspects of the demon smoke, and whether it was decided by the script or the director how long it took for the demon smoke to leave the host. After consulting with the crew in the audience, Jensen answered that it was a directorial choice.

Jensen talked about the exorcism and how it was not easy to memorize all that Latin. A girl in the audience called out "I can do it!" and Jensen replied with a very sarcastic "Good for you!"

The exorcism Jensen needed to say in the scene with Dean and possessed!Lisa was two full pages of Latin. He said that recently a guest star was complaining about having to memorize some Romanian, and Jensen was able to point out that it could be worse.

Jared studied Latin in school so Jensen sometimes has to ask him how to say something.
Jared: "Ix-nay? That's not Latin."

They were asked if they thought that there could be a happily ever after for Sam and Dean, and Jensen answered that he didn't think so. Jared said their best bet was to go out with a bang.
Jensen: "Best case scenario: They die."
*audience is sad*
Jensen: "Do you want us to come back in 10 years and do a movie that tanks?"
*audience cheers*
Jared *laughs*: "What are you talking about?"

The next question was a weird one about whether they'd do a 1980s style exercise video - inspired by Dean in those gym-shorts. They laughed at that idea, and joked with Jim Michaels across the room about it, and then thankfully let it die.

They were then asked that since Sam and Dean have matured, if they've changed any of their body-language to reflect that. They said that the writers take them into account when they write, and the fact is that they've matured too.

The next questioner presented Jared and Jensen with ducks.
Jared: "Don't let them near Jensen, he'll stab them."

They then asked how heartbreaking S7 will be.
Jared: "There's never been a season sans crying."

The way he answered the question though, leads me to believe that they may be planning to end the show after S8.

The next question was whether they ever had a moment where they saw what another actor had to do for an episode, and they thought "I'm glad it's not me."
Jensen: The Japanese Game Show.

An audience member yelled out "Pudding!" and they explained that that was actually originally Sam's line, but that Jared gave it to Dean, because he felt it sounded more like him.

An audience member then yelled out "Genital Herpes!" and Jared said that people have now edited that to the point where it's not clear that it's a joke.

Jensen was asked about the note Dean wrote in 5x18 (Jensen's eyes got big and concerned when the number was mentioned). Then the name was mentioned, and Jensen was still confused. I think there needs to be a memo that goes around at these things that reminds questioners that Jensen has a horrible memory, and it's probably better to lay the scene out for him rather than use numbers or names for things.
Jensen: "It's all one long episode to me."

He realized it was Dean's "suicide note."
Jared: "You wrote a suicide note?! Where was I?!?!"

Jensen couldn't quite remember, but he thought he was given words to copy out, though he doesn't know what they said anymore.

Some Japanese girls asked them if they had any messages for their fans in Japan. Jared thanked the fans in Japan and told them that they would love to get out there soon.

Jensen was asked what the Dallas Cowboys book he was reading was. (about the glory days in the 90s), and then they were both asked if they had any weird food rituals/habits.
Jensen: "I put peanut butter on pancakes."
Jared: "That's not weird!"
Jensen: "Well what do you want me to say?"
Jared: "They want to hear that you eat chalk."
Jared: "I eat lots of canned tuna."
Jensen: "That's not weird!"
Jared: "I eat chalk!"
Jensen: "You eat anything! It's like a disposal *mimics eating everything* Hey Jared, I'm done with this, *mimics eating it again*"

Jared will sometimes eat the tails of fried coconut shrimp.
Jared: "If you fried the microphone, I'd eat it."

Jared went on to explain that him and Gen ended up with a deep-fryer at their house. So he deep-fried a kitkat bar, and then a cupcake...and then Gen took the deep-frying away.

Jensen then talked about how they were deep-frying butter in Texas. The audience starts calling out all sorts of weird things that they've been deepfrying.
Jensen: "Ok! Apparently you've heard of this!"
Jared: "They all want to hear you say you eat chalk-"
Jensen: "I EAT CHALK!"

Jensen: "There's this show about weird people..."
Jared: "Supernatural?"
Strange Addictions - where there was a woman who at foam from couches, and then eventually ended up eating her bra.
Jared: "Wait, wait wait wait...was it deep-fried?"

The next question said that Richard asked her to ask Jared what his real name was. He said that if he chose Jared Padalecki as his fake name, "I'd have issues worse than I do have!"
Apparently Richard played a prank on Jared and had him convinced that Richard used a fake name.

They were asked what the most awkward moment on set had been. Jared said it was Jensen had to wear the gym teacher outfit. Jensen said Misha's first day...because they didn't know what the heck to make of Misha. They walked by him and did this really awkward wave/bow. Jared says Misha thought they were joking when they told him how weird they thought he was when they first met him, but they really weren't.

Jensen said that when he was in lederhosen and Todd Stashwick was dressed as Dracula, and Todd leaned over and said, "we're grown men."

Jared said the Herpexia ad was pretty awkward.

Then they called the end to the panel, and they had to leave. A couple of people called out for them to stay, sing, and whatnot...
Jared: "Dance monkey-"
Jensen: "Dance Monkey! *makes gun noises and mimics firing at someone's feet.*

And thus ended the panel.

ratherastory said that she couldn't believe we didn't try sitting in the first row sooner. I told her to look up Spirit of the West's song Far Too Canadian because I always start humming it to myself in such situations.


Before I got Jensen and Jared's autograph, I wanted to make sure I got Guy Bee's, because he wasn't officially on the program as giving autographs. So thankfully a Creation volunteer let me steal a silver sharpie from Jared's signing table "as long as I brought it right back" and I was able to get Guy Bee to sign the print-out I had made of one of his twit-pics from Frontierland.

I thanked him for tweeting pictures. He said that it was getting harder to do so, because of the publicists. I told him that he was very good at teasing, but not spoiling.

Jensen: Once again, I was beyond chatty girl. So, i didn't say anything personally to Jensen. I listened to him talk to chatty girl, and then I just said "thank you" which was fine, because honestly, I didn't know what I would say anyway...and having chatty girl there kind of took the pressure off me to fill the awkward silence.

For Jared though, I didn't want him to be distracted by chatty girl, so on my way across the room to get his autograph, I stopped and shuffled my pictures around for no reason...giving enough time for someone quiet to get between me and chatty-girl in the Jared line.

I listened to him laugh with Chatty girl, which was cool, because he has a nice laugh.

When I got to him, I told him that he did an amazing job with the different Sam's in the finale. Probably everyone and their mother was telling him that, but I've never good at thinking on my feet, and I didn't have anything else prepared to say. He told me that he still hasn't seen the episodes. I told him he should! He said that he would, then I turned to leave, and he said "I have to wait for the DVDs!" and I turned to say something back, but I had nothing to say, so I said "uh" and then he laughed, and said "Sorry!" and let me walk away as he turned to the next person.

Oh Jared.

My friend, who went through the line after me, got both boys to sign a bottle of whiskey that she bought when she was down in the states - it's Mellow Canadian Sipping Whiskey and it has a picture of a Canadian Hunter on it (which is a very amusing depiction of an extreme stereotype.) She said Jensen was mostly just amused and confused, whereas Jared got a kick out of it, and was so amused that he "said a series of words that didn't make sense."

elsewhere_kels also noticed that Jared swallows the i in Padalecki as the Polish are wont to do.

Picking up my Misha Photo-op

I don't really like it. I look chubby. Sigh. Anyway, it got me all worried that I'd also look horrible in my J2 photo and Jared photo.

While I was up there though, Misha wandered in the room while talking to people. He has a really dorky laugh, it's rather adorable.


Before the Panel, Guy came out from backstage to my right and took a picture of the big screen over. Telling us, "it's for my 10th Grade Guidance Councillor who said I'd never make anything of myself." (he later tweeted the picture, and you can see me: here)

Guy: "I thank you from the bottom of everything."

In S7, he has already directed episode 7x02, which they actually filmed third, because of reworking the schedule so that Jensen could direct.

The first question was how he got that image of Sam riding the horse across the screen silhouetted by the sky. It was a stock-shot. He didn't film it.

He explained that episodes usually always run about 5 minutes over time, if a director has done his job right. Then things hit the cutting room floor and you get the episode distilled to the essentials. He said a lot of what hits the cutting room floor is just lingering looks. Episodes are always better for the cut. The questioner suggested that the show put together a DVD boxset, basically an extended gag reel, for charity or something. I like that idea, but from a practical standpoint, I can just imagine the legal paperwork involved with that. Guy did say that each episode they probably have 2 hours worth of gag reel, and at the end of the year the gag reel can only be about 10 minutes long.

He was asked what directors he admires. He said he admires, and once got to work with, Frank Oz. He said Frank was super nice and was always playing with a yo-yo on set. Guy reiterated that when you spend so much time with people day in and day out, it's really important that you get along and have fun.

Other than Frank Oz, he likes Ridly Scott, the Cohen brothers, and Terry Gilliam.

The hardest part of directing? The pressure. All these people looking at you to make decisions and not waste their time.
Guy: "Jared Padalecki looking at you, 'Don't waste my time. I've got Words With Friends to play!'"

He has not done any commentaries for DVDs. He's like to, but it just hasn't worked out in his career so far.

Who makes the editing choices? The Director works with the Editor. In shows like Supernatural, Bob Singer and Phil Sgriccia have final word, because they know the full story and what has special meaning and what doesn't.

Guy says it's like sending a kid to school and hoping that they come back home with all their limbs.

He was asked if it ever becomes frustrating when Jared and Jensen are goofying off on set. YES. He said it was great to relieve the pressure, but sometimes it does get frustrating, especially if Jared wraps first and hangs around.
Guy: "But how can you not love that guy?"

He was asked if he has a say in what episodes he directs, or if it's just luck of the draw - It's luck of the draw. Frontierland was first called Gallows Poll, which he thought was awesome because it's a Led Zepplin song. Sometimes on shows, you get something that's really crappy.
Guy: "It's like going to Vegas, but you actually make money."

One questioner had a question about the Redhat in Clap Hands if You Believe, which of course, Guy didn't know the answer to, because that wasn't his episode. However, he said that the Redhat might have been explained in a scene that was cut. Guy reiterated that it's a bit like holding out your hand and saying, "take the pinky, I don't need that one."

When asked if shows gave him specific rules about how to direct, he said that no, they didn't. Thee were no hard and fast rules in general. Usually you just watch previous episodes and know what style the show uses. There was one show he did where it was all done on handhelds, and that got annoying. Sometimes the show actually wants you to do something different and fresh though.

Who does the recap at the beginning of the show? Post-production does it. Guy really loves how Supenatural calls it "Then" - he doesn't think he's ever seen that before.

Are directors ever SHORT on time when they finish an episode? It's rare, but it happens. Usually the writers will write a new scene that gets filmed later by someone else and slipped into the episode before it airs.

The next question was whether he's ever had a moment where he was unsure of how he wanted to shoot a scene. He said yes, in 7x03. He wanted to end the scene in a pool of light, but he wasn't sure how to get there. He was very open about not being sure with Jared, Jensen, and the crew, and they all figured it out together. Now it's one of this favourite scenes.

ratherastory asked him about the continuity error in the timeline (in the dialogue of Frontierland was where the error was the most glaring), because she had just been asking me about it over lunch and wanted to know if the show was even aware of it. Guy wasn't aware of it, but he said that the line would have been in the script, so it was a writer's issue.

He was asked if there was anything he wished that he had a bigger budget for. He said that you always want a big budget for shoot-outs and car chases. Another limiting factor is time-constraints.

I zoned out for a minute, and when I came to, Guy was talking about how he draws himself little drawings to block out certain scenes - he doesn't always refer back to them, but he likes to have them on hand just in case.

He was asked if getting awards would change his career at all - he said that awards don't really change anything, though your agent can leverage them sometimes.

How do guest directors know intent and motives when it comes to the greater mythology of the show? They have "tone" meetings with the writers.

The director is most responsible for cheerleading the crew. It's important to keep the fun mentality.


It's hard to judge webseries, because the segments are so short. There's a lot of blood and yelling. The transitions are interesting. Basically, I think I need to see more before I decide whether it's something that I'd be interested in.

They are going to be releasing an new something every Sunday for the next little bit. Sometimes it'll be an episode and sometimes it'll be a behind the scenes video.

Ivan Hayden and Misha both did the panel, which started a little late. Misha said he had been upstairs and someone had said "Right now, Ivan and Misha are doing a panel."

Dan Payne who plays Divine is a huge guy, with (as Misha says) "great ass-ets."

Some fans presented Misha with an Overlord shirt for his birthday. Misha said, "my mom gave me the same shirt."

Then Misha paused to pull some of the girls who had gone with him to Haiti up on the stage and commend them for their money raising and hard work. He gave a new iPad to the girl who had raised the most money.

The next question was how Misha was able to reconcile two very different roles.
Misha: "Overlord and humanitarian?"
Misha: "Sometimes you play different roles." It's called acting.

Dan Payne was only wearing a "modesty sock" during filming and they filmed on the Supernatural backlot. It was so cold that the fake blood would actually freeze him to the table.

The first two episodes were shot in November, the remaining 4 were shot in June during the Stanley Cup games. It was all done with volunteers.

The next questioner said that the whole thing had a graphic novel feel to it. That made Ivan happy, because it was actually based on a graphic novel idea he had as a teenager - but he can't draw, so it can't be a graphic novel.

They were asked if they've ever read the Bible. Ivan said that he was raised Anglican and confirmed at the age of 13, so he bases a lot of the knowledge on his experiences in the High Anglican church, which is "Catholic-lite." (Or as my mum calls it, "small 'c' catholic").

Misha told a story about how when he was 8, he was a devote agnostic, and he wandered into a Catholic church to see what it was like. He just followed along with everyone else, so he ended up taking communion - "I later found out that wasn't kosher."

Ivan was asked what software he uses. He listed them all. It was a lot of technical talk.
Misha: "In English now?"
Ivan: "Lots of software to make the pretty pictures."

Misha was asked what upcoming projects he might have now that he's not a regular on Supernatural. Misha said it was a trick question (the questioner trying to find out if Castiel dies or not) and Misha wouldn't answer.

Ivan said that what happens next for Divine depends entirely on the number of hits on the website and the traffic that the facebook page gets.
Audience member: "We can do that."
Misha: "I love that."..."Why do I have you disecting rhinos. I should use you for something..."
Ivan: "good?"
Misha: "well something"

What episode are they looking forward to? Episode 6. It was the hardest to keep under 10 minutes.

The next question was from a hearing impaired girl, asking if they were going to be close-captioning the series. Ivan said they looked into it, but they couldn't afford it. Misha asked if that was perhaps something that she could help out with - maybe she knew of an inexpensive way to do it, or could offer suggestions for how they could make the series more accessible for people like herself. She agreed that she would like to help, and Misha arranged to get her email address.

And thus endeth the final panel of VanCon.


It was time for Chris Heyerdahl's autograph. (Guy Norman Bee ended up signing autographs during the Divine panel - so I hadn't needed to corner him earlier, but I'm glad I did, so that I didn't miss anything note-taking-wise.)

If you remember, I spent a good portion of the week before trying to get things printed for autographs. One of those prints was a still from On The Head of a Pin for Chris to sign. It is what I trekked down to London Drugs to print on Friday, which was a rather stupid thing to do on a freshly sprained ankle. It was worth it.

When I got to Chris, he looked at the picture and said
Chris: "Nice!"
Me: "I know! I really loved that scene. You were so good in it."
Chris: "Nice!" *signs it*
Me: "Thank you!"
Chris *looks up with a slow smile, reminding me very much of Alistair*: "No, thank you."

So creepy! Hahahaha. I loved it.

The Divine Party

A friend of mine had bought me a ticket for this, because I'm cat-sitting for her at the end of the month, and we decided that she would pay me in gifts, rather than money.

Richard was wondering around, and so was Jared briefly, though he soon disappeared either into the curtained off VIP area, or just away.

There was a DJ and a dance floor, and a place where you could get your picture taken with a falcon.

I'm really bad at hearing people while music is playing though, so I couldn't really carry on any conversations. Also, I couldn't really afford to drink more than one glass of wine. Also, I was dead tired from the weekend. So, my appearance was at the party was short lived. I basically used it as somewhere to spend time while I waited for my photo-ops to be printed and done.

Picking-up my J2 and Jared Photo-ops

I like them! Yes, I look a little chubby next to such skinny boys, but let's face it - I'd have to be the size of their wives not to, and that's never going to happen (and I know from experience that when it does happen, my friends start to freak out about my eating habits.)

In my J2 sandwich, I am leaning more into Jared, even though I don't remember consciously doing that - and as I remember it, I spent more time making eye-contact with Jensen during that photo-op.

And my Jared one...well, I promised someone that I would post it, so that they could see how happy they made me. I think it very accurately depicts how very happy I was in that three second hug.

I walked around the room and looked at other people's pictures too. There were some great ones! It looks like the Jensen+Misha sandwhich was a really good time! In a lot of them Misha looks like he's cracking up uncontrollably and Jensen looks very pleased with himself. The girls in them all look VERY happy to be there.

There were a few unfortunate shots of people who had blinked when the photo was taken. There was even one where Jensen hadn't looked up at the camera yet. I remember reading reports from the European cons where the photographer checked the photo during the photo-op to make sure that the people were getting a good photo. I think Creation should take a lesson from that - probably they won't though, because it means it'd slow things down and they couldn't make as much of a profit - since the actors are probably booked for time, not number of shots.

I'm really pleased with the way mine turned out though. I'm not sure when the next time I'm going to be able to afford a Con will be, so I'm very thankful that I had such a great experience with this one. :)

The End

I left without really saying goodbye to anyone. So, GOODBYE everyone! It was lovely to meet you all in person. I hope to see you all again some day. And if I never see you in person, I hope we continue to chat and have a good time over the internet!

I still have the Location Tour to type up, and then everything relating to the Con will be done. But since this post signifies the end of the main portion of the VanCon. I will leave you with this picture, which I feel accurately sums up my feelings:

(I'm use spoiler highlight-to-read text in this post. Please, when commenting about spoilers! Do the same! The html looks like this:

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  • Last Day

    Alright, for all my talk of having moved on mentally, I have to admit that seeing all the last-day things - the set tear downs, the goodbye messages…

  • ...hi

    I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that…

  • What do you mean it's already 9:30?

    See, this is what happens every day. I finish work around 2 or 3 if I'm lucky (a couple of times it's been 5 or 6). Then I think, okay, I have a…