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VanCon2011: Day 1 FUN and PAIN!

It's always nice to start of a weekend when you are going to be on your feet a lot by spraining your ankle. 
So, yeah, this morning I was all set to go, but I hadn't laced up my shoes properly as I dashed out the door. So I paused at the bottom of the staircase, turned around, and laced them up well - and the I turned back around and took a step as if I was at the bottom of the staircase...only I wasn't. So, I stepped into nothing, fell on my hands and knees, and sprained my ankle.

I called a cab, and phoned my friend Kathleen (who I incidentally met at last years con) and asked her if she happened to have a spare tensor bandage, and if she would could bring it in for me. So, there we go! Problem somewhat solved.

They had announced the Misha Cruise and the Jensen/Misha photo-ops just Thursday or something ridiculous like that. So there was a mad rush for those items in the morning. That coupled with Creation getting off to a slow, slightly disorganized start, meant that it was a MADHOUSE of neverending lines/queues. First you lined up to register, then you lined up to buy extra...or I found out afterward that you could do it in the reverse order. There was a lot of line-butting going on ahead of us, but I can't really complain seeing as how I cut in line too when I arrive...I just had to promise the people around me that I wasn't going for the Misha Cruise or the Jensen/Misha photo-op. No...as many of you might have guessed by now, I was going for Jared.

A friend, who shall remain nameless, decided to give me the Jared photo-op as a gift. And I am so horribly touched by the gift that it made me tear up - which is quite the feat, considering my heart is only an engine formed form the remnants of a dead star. All kidding aside, I am so touched by this gift...I really don't have words. I don't care that I'm going to look like a dorkus malorkus in the photo, because I will be with Jared, so my too-wide-smile will just be honest.


The first panel was Chad and Alona. Alona was looking FINE. I mean, wow...she's so gorgeous. She was wearing these boots, and these short jean shorts...and yeah, me and my friend were commenting that she had, by far, the finest ass at the Con. And we don't mean that in a degrading way...more in an envious and admiring way.

I don't have all the questions noted exactly, but Alona talked about her new show Powers...where people have powers. It apprently hasn't been picked up yet.

She was asked why Jo wasn't in the Ellen Bobby episode and would she like Bobby as a step-dad. She said that of course they get no say in what episodes they are in, but that sure she would like Bobby as a step-dad.

Chad has a small part in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie.

Chad talked about the shot-gunning beer scene. He did an impression of Jensen teaching him how to do it. It was short, but, I thought, very good. It took 5 takes and in one the beer poured all over the mullet and everyone was laughing...and Chad wanted them to just keep filming, and they did, until Jensen yelled cut. When Chad said that, Alona said "Jensen was directing?" and Chad said, "No, he had just had enough." :P

Chad was asked what he'd think it'd be like if Ash were God, because apparently that was a theory of the questioner. Chad said that Ash would just be surrounded with women...and that since Ash is in heaven now, that's probably still very close to reality.

Alona was asked about a movie she did a long time ago in which her character kidnaps a boyband. She said she had a "stint" where she liked the Backstreet Boys, but Michael Jackson was always her favourite. 

A question for both was if they could creat a plotline where their character comes back, what would it be? Chad wants Ash to kick in a door, shoot the bad guy, flip his hair, and walk out. Then he added that Ash would also carry Alona to safety, which he then mimed. At the mime, Alona exclaimed "I'm not THAT heavy" - and then mentioned that Jensen carried her, and he made it look very easy. Alona said that she would like Jo to come back with no memory. Chad laughed at her answer, but then added a quick "I love you" to soften the laughing.

Alona was asked who was the better kisser, Jensen of Christian Kane (because apparantly she did an episode of Leverage). She said that Jensen's kiss was bloody and sweaty and a "sorry, *mwaw*, goodbye" kiss - so Christian's was better.

Alona was then asked about the maturing of Jo between season 2 and when we saw her again in season 5. She said it was because of the fans critique that Jo was too immature. The writers matured her.

Alona was then asked who smelled better, Jensen or Christian, and she said that she couldn't answer, because Jared farting blocked out all smell from Jensen. She then did an impression of Jared farting off camera during the final touching Dean-Jo kiss - "*fart noise* Sorry! I'm sorry!" The farting made her laugh during the scene.

Chad was asked about I Spit On Your Grave, which he stated earnestly and understandly "was not for everybody."  - but I can't remember what the exact question was, only that one quote.

They were asked, of course, whether they've ever had any Supernatural experiences. Now, I tend to hate this question, because it is over-asked...this time though, it was asked by a dude, so I just assume that he is a fan enough to go to the Con, but not a fan enough to search youtube and realize that this question is over-asked.

Chad explained that he DOES believe in ghosts and he's seen a bunch of them. He likes to watch Ghost Adventures.

Alona told a story about her grandmother's death and a light flickering just afterwards...it was a sweet story. 

(Here I have a note that says: Alona has nice legs - this, my friends, is what I deemed information YOU NEED TO KNOW).

Chad was asked what his first reaction to the mullet was - he said that "it goes on, sexy comes out" - and it takes an hour to put on.

They were asked what first attracted them to the parts - to which they replied simultaneously "the audition?" - because, well, they just wanted to work. Alona added that whenever she comes across a strong female character, it's always fun. Chad said that at the auditions he wore a short-sleeved flannel and ripped his shirt open. Alona added "that's how he gets all his parts."

Alona was asked what it was like to work with invisbile hell-hounds, and she replied "Hilarious!" and then they explained a little about the filming process when you have to act against something or someone that you can't actually see.

I forget the question here, but Chad told us about how Ash originally had psychic powers and saw ghosts and a whole bunch of stuff, but it was all too much, so they re-wrote it and calle dhim back to reshoot.

Someone then asked Chad why he was wearing nail-polish...which I thought was a rather, what's the word? conservative/gender-conformist question. Chad handled it well though, "sometimes fingers are fricking boring!" and that isn't become a tradition when he goes to Supernatural conventions, he likes to add a bit of glamour.

Chad talked a little about the documentary My Big Break that he is in. It's a documentary about what it's really like to go to Hollywood. I actually really want to see this, so I was happy to hear it's available on Amazon. Perhaps when I'm rich, I will be able to watch it somehow. Chad said that the life of an actor is "not all glamourous." He pinched his fingers together and said, "there's probably this much that's glamourous and even that's probably fake."

Alona was asked how she got into acting - when she was 6 in Israel. She added though that Supernatural was the "gift that keeps on giving," because of the opportunity with the Cons.

Alona is starting to film the second season of her Israeli show soon.

Chad was asked what his favourite thing to work on so far was - I Spit On Your Grave, because it was creatively fulfilling.

Then there was this questioner who asked about Chad's character Sven - the unsexy vampire. So Chad did a little impression of him, and explained that all vampires theses days were sexy, so he wanted to do a show about one that was awkward and not-attractive, and spoke with a lisp.

Chad was asked about memories of X-files, and he said that he rememberd Duchovny kept burping because he had curry for lunch. :P Ah, the glamourous life of Hollywood.

He touched again on I Spit On Your Grave, when he was asked if he liked the horror genre, and he said that I Spit... was more of "a drama" to which Alona replied, "it's more of a romantic-comedy." Chad and Alona both agreed that they don't care what genre a film is, they both just like GOOD movies.

Alona was asked how she prepared physically for Jo. She said that she beat up the boys every morning...then said that no, that wasn't true, but it would have been fun. She said that she's a dancer, and has fired weapons before, and in general keeps very fit (she certainly does, again - very nice legs), so really the only thing she had to work on was the knife turling in No Exit.

My favouite answer of the panel came when Alona was asked how Jo would feel about what Castiel has done. Alona's response: "Jo's dead." She went on to not dismiss the question entirely by saying that Jo never really trusted Cas to begin with - wasn't sure what to make of him.

They were both asked what their alternate careers would be if they didn't go into acting. Alona would be a vet, Chad would be a ghost investigator....and actually, he revealed that he's currently talking to the guys from Ghost Adventures to appear on their show. 

They were asked what TV show they'd like their characters to be on (like what happened to Sam and Dean in Changing Channels) - Alona said Breaking Bad, and Chad said that he's thinks Ash would be a good Bachelor...which got a good laugh.

YES/NO Trivia Game!

I won! YAY! I won round 2...and it was funny because the girl I beat was a girl that I actually know from us both writing into the Supernatural podcast I listen to!

So I won $250! And I was all excited...because although I knew that I couldn't cash it in, I thought that I could use it to buy a Misha cruise ticket...sadly no, it's only for Creation swag in the Vendors room... I don't want $250 worth of stuff in the vendors room. Sigh...so that was disappointing. I finally thought that my weird detailed knowledge of Supernatural would actually earn me something for once. :P

Later on in the day, I came up with this brilliant idea while talking to a woman named Sharon in the lobby. I'm going to get my friends at the Con to go through the vendors room and write me a list of what they want - and then I'll go in and buy everyone presents!  (ETA: I'm posting this on Saturday night, so this has been done. Yay! Spent everything but $2.)


I wasn't sure how this one would go, since Colin has only been on two episodes in small rolls. So, I was very concerned that the panel would turn awkward fast. Colin though, handled it very well, he just came out and had an entertaining enough personality that it wasn't too awkward. He went through the room to find out where everyone was from, and was amazed at all the answers...that took up a good 15 minutes or so. 

He hadn't seemed to be briefed about how the microphones work, but when someone did get up there to ask he eventually noticed them. She asked about the fight scene in 5.03 and Colin launched into a rambling explanation about how Jared is very tall. Colin himself is 6'2'' and is used to being the tallest actor on set.

He then went on to say how attractive Jared was - that there were only two guys he had ever said that about: Hugh Jackman, and Jared. "Mother of Pearl! Where do they make these guys?"  (he kept using 'mother of pearl!' instead of 'oh my god' and I found it absolutely hilarious.)

The audience then impressed/creeped-him-out with our knowledge of Supernatural - when we were able to tell him what colour shirt he was wearing in Faith, and the difference in his haircut between the two episodes. He said it was "kinda scary."

He talked about the scene that got cut in Faith (when we actually see the guy die at the pool). His favourite show he's done is Battlestar Gallactica. He was then asked if we would see him again on Supernatural, to which he replied "next question!"

He was asked if he prefered film or TV, and the answer seemed to be film because you can develope your character more.


There was a small break between Colin and Richard, so I went upstairs to have my bagel...only I ran into my friend Kathleen, and, long story short, ended up having a chocolate martini instead of any food. (FYI: I love chocolate martini's...they once caused someone to fall in love with me.)

Oh yeah, I should also say a word about my seat...it is way off to the side next to the microphone. I have to sit on quiet the angle to see the stage. On top of that, the chairs are REALLY close together and I happen to be sitting next to two lovely women who happen to be of a slightly larger size. I myself have quite the hip-span as well...so, yeah, squished. Thankfully someone had the bright idea that the chairs weren't bolted down, so we spread them out a little. For a convention that is mostly attended by women, Creation really doesn't put much thought into how women are shaped.

At this point in the day, my ankle was really starting to kill me a little bit. Thankfully there's no one in row A ahead of me - so I was able to at least elevate my foot.

Ok, sorry, back to Richard....

Richard walked on from the side, and went directly through the audience, as he's likes to do. He talked about how Matt and Sebastian were coming in on the same flight - "that's a sexy flight!" and that since he didn't know if Matt and Sebastian had met before, he was telling them how to recognize each other at the airport: "loook for the guy wearing the too-tight v-neck, that'll be you guys."

He then joked about how him walking through the audience creeped some people out - "if I wanted to see you up close, I would have paid more!"

He talked about Chad stage diving, and that it wasn't really dangeous for him, because he only weighed 14 pounds - "it's like keeping a tissue in the air."

He's currently involved in a Tom Hanks Civil War project.

Two women in a row asked questions from their husbands (who weren't in attendance). Richard said they should attend, but then amended it and said that he was glad they hadn't come, because he likes the 1:700 ratio of men to women at the convention. 

He talked about working with the baseball hall of famers on the Pepsi commercial. He got a picture taken with them for his nephew's school project - because he knew his nephew would appreciate it but not understand the significance, and that his nephew's father would flip out.

Someone asked about the series Look. Richard: "It was a little disturbing." Questioner: "Especially your character." Richard: "*mock hurt* Nobody likes the rapist. :( "

Someone asked who he thinks Gabriel's vessel was. Richard said that he thought it was the actual Trickster - because how else could he have fooled the pagan gods? He wants the real trickster not to be dead, but trapped somewhere, and he'll eventually get loose and run into Sam and Dean again.

He was asked his favourite trick and the what he would do to Sam and Dean if he could trick them again. He said his favourite besides Mystery Spot was the alien probe thing. Then he asked the questioner what SHE would do with Sam and Dean (bodyswap), and then reiterated that he'd like to make Sam and Dean both short whiney New Yorkers.

He was asked what he did to celebrate his first big break. He said to celebrate his first job on a sitcom (13 episode saturday morning sitcom) he bought shoes (Doc Martins) which he still has.

He was then asked what he thought about going from playing a "creature" to Gabriel. Richard said: "A creature? ...I was excited to be walking upright." Then he said that he was stunned and shocked, and tried to do research only to be told that Supernatural doesn't follow the Bible. He said it was awesome from an acting standpoint because he got to essentially play two rolls in one episode.

He retold the story about how he found out Jeremy Carver lived in his neighbourhood.

He was then asked how much of him was in the character of the Trickster. He said there was always something of the actor in the character...and then he actually went on a fairly long rambling answer of how great actors are great BECAUSE there's something of them in all performances and it's what makes the characters compelling. He then realized he was giving the "longest answer ever" and said, "short answer: yes."

He was asked about filming Open Water 2. It was filmed in Malta. He did a funny reinactment of trying to hit your marks while swimming in a current - "like acting on a conveyer belt." It was quite amusing.

He was asked if is popularity on Supernatural has been a detriment to getting work elsewhere at all. He replied that "having people like what you do is never a problem."


As I stated earlier, I couldn't get a ticket to Misha's Cruise. My friend, however, could. It was a small little 3 hour tour of the harbour with dinner served. My friend reported back that Misha was swarmed "a little" - he showed a couple people a cute video of his son. My friend also ordered a bottle of wine for her table only to discover that no one else was drinking...so she offered a glass to Misha and this exchange took place:

*misha takes glass, swishes wine around and smells is*
Friend: That's the roofies.
Misha: Did you just make a roofie joke?
Friend: Yes *hangs head*

Or at least, that's the way she told it to me...mind you, she was ofly tipsy at the time.

When told that his son was adorable, Misha shrugged and said "He's okay."

And there are my two vicarious cruise stories. She may have told me another one, but it's slipped my mind.


While my friend was on the tour, I was getting autographs. I didn't have anything witty prepared to say, so I mostly just said "Thank you." Richard was glad that I spelled my name out for him (alternative spellings FTW). Alona was pretty and I like the way she signs her name in Hebrew and English. I told Chad that I was really interested in his documentary, and he said that it was "heavy" and I said that I was "a sucker for a good documentary" (because I'm a dork like that) and he said that I'd love it then.

And then I limped home! Oh no, wait...I'm missing THE BEST part....and also the worst part....

So, we went out for dinner, but I had to walk down to London Drugs to fix the printing fiasco of Thursday. So I hobbled down there on my sprained ankle with ratherastoryelsewhere_kels, and another friend of mine. London Drugs was excellent and when I explained that I needed the print right away because I couldn't come back tomorrow, the dude printed it for me RIGHT AWAY...so YAY LONDON DRUGS. Also, I could buy two chemical cold packs for the ankle too.

Then I limped off to dinner. We found a really nice Sushi place close to the hotel, and sat down and started to eat. The food was delicious and the company was pleasant...but my ankle was getting more and more painful. I chugged half my friend's beer and cursed myself for only taking a half-dose of advil before we started the trek down to London Drugs. 

By the end of dinner, I was very close to bursting into tears....it felt like there was fire running up my achilles tendon and that my shoe was filling up with blood. I was trying to keep it all inside, but I think elsewhere_kels might have sensed something (or I was doing a VERY bad job of keeping it all inside), and asked how close we were to the hotel and if maybe we should get a cab. We really were just around the corner though, so we just quickly paid the bill and I hobbled to the hotel. ratherastory and elsewhere_kels let me use their room to ice my foot for 20 minutes before I went down for the Brian Buckley concert. That helped A LOT. I also took a full dose of painkillers. YAY!


Brian Buckley was playing solo this time - and sadly not bookended by brief Jared appearances. Ah well. I kind of liked him solo. His performance style amused elsewhere_kels to no end, and it was funny to hear her giggling in confusion. He definitely has a considerable vocal talent. Oddly, he kind of reminded me a bit of Jared in his slight adorableness...and I could sort of see why they might be friends, if that makes any sense considering that I don't know either one of them.


Now THIS was possible the best bit of the day. 

It was the premiere of The Karaoke Kings Koncert (which I will NOT acronym). With the subtitle: Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen return to the sixties!

Richard and Matt came out in late 60s early 70s garb and BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN. I mean...really, there's not a way to describe it. They basically single handly turned a karaoke night into a rock concert. They brought out Colin, Chad, and Alona as well. 

As my friend said, it was a night of guilty-pleasures. And since Supernatural is my biggest guilty-pleasure, which I am feeling less and less guilty about as time goes on, I figured it was very fitting. The songs sung were all pretty much classics that the crowd could dance and sing along to.

Chad went out into the crowd nearly right away and started walking on chairs so that he could see everyone and hype the crowd up. Matt did his version of The Jerk, and Richard was hilarious as usual. At some point Chad snagged a cigarette off of someone and proceeded to fake-smoke it for the rest of the evening.

My friend Sonya, who has never been to a Con before, started laughing nearly right away and told me the whole thing was the most absurd thing she had ever seen.

Sebastion Roche eventually came out to thunderous applause and proceeded to actually carry a tune...and also do some...interesting dance moves...especially when he got his hands on someone's whale-hat and he tucked it into the front of his pants. 

Guy Bee was standing in the back corner of the auditorium the whole time chatting with people. He was actually a little bit swarmed, and I think he was in the corner because people kept pushing him back there...it's either that or it was just a fluke that every time I looked behind me he seemed further and further wedged into this corner. I have something for him to sign, but I didn't want to bug him then. A friend of mine disappeared from beside me at one point and got her thing signed though when he was free of his little swarm. At the time, I thought he'd be giving official autographs at some point, but I looked at the schedule later and realized that he wasn't - so I'll have to get up my courage and try to get an autograph unofficially.

Eventually Guy Bee ended up on stage, and sang ACDC's Dirty Deeds, which happens to be my absolute favourite ACDC song (guilty pleasure night, remember?)...anyway, me and my friend ran forward to dance closer to the stage (I had seemingly forgotten that I was dancing on a sprained ankle...not smart, I blame the pills and the cocktails that I had had at this point.)

Eventually though, we decided to call it a night. Really though, I can't even describe the karaoke party properly, because it was VERY VERY FUN...more fun than you'd think karaoke could possibly be. I even got to sing along to Carry On Wayward Son with an auditorium full of people for the first time in my life...and it was indead awesome.

Oh, and Chad tried stage diving to various degrees of success. Apparently Sebastian had a bit more luck with it, but I had left by the time he started.

I also got a great picture of me and Chad - where we are both ridiculously sweaty looking (it got VERY hot in the auditorium). It's like the opposite of the photo-op. I must say, just as a side-note, that Chad is awesome. He's very accommodating and nice and seems always willing to take a photo with a fan whenever he is asked. As he walked by me later in the night, I just held out my glass and he clicked his against mine and we gave each other a smile as a 'cheers.'

I got home and told my sister and her boyfriend about my day. My sister's boyfriend, bless him, is a very considerate person and a little bit of a mother-hen if I must say. So, I had to unbandage my ankle and show that it wasn't really THAT bad.

My sister asked if it hurt still:
Me: "Well no, it doesn't hurt at all right now, but I took a high dose of advil and then drank cocktails and wine, so..."
Sue: "So, it doesn't hurt because you are full of pills and booze."
Me: Yes.

Surprisingly, they were not satisfied with this level of healthcare and they wanted me to ice it some more. I had another chemical cold compress, but I wanted to keep it in case of emergencies on Saturday...so I didn't want to use it. We didn't have any ice-cubes in the freezer either....

So that's how I ended up falling asleep with a frozen hamburger patty tied to my ankle in a ziplock bag.

...while full of pills and booze. Apparently at this Supernatural convention, I've decided to go method. ;)
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  • The 15th and Final Season

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