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Hey Everybody,

I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for my annual hippie music-fest. I'm meeting up with my brother at said hippie-fest, and then going to his place for a week - where I will be fixing his deck for him and such, and visiting with my new niece! Yay! I am leaving my laptop at home though (because you can't take a laptop camping), so I'll be at the mercy of others for internet access while I'm at my brother's place.

I'm emailing myself next week's demented'verse update, so that will DEFINITELY still be going up. I can't guarantee the day or the time though. I'll try to get it close to Wednesday morning (as is the tradition), but that might mean Tuesday night or it might mean Wednesday night.

Hopefully LJ doesn't break again.

I hope you all have a nice long-weekend (if you are in Canada-land) and a nice week! If anything phenomenal is posted anywhere please let me know! I won't be able to keep up with my flist like usual while I'm away.
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