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Spoiler I'm most excited for...

 I have a strict no-spoiler policy, with the caveat that I'm allowed to be spoiled by things said at conventions. Comic Con is always the biggest for spoilers.

So, my favourite one so far....

Is that Sam will be unsure what reality he is in! OH MAN! It's a little like my Sam Is... story and a little like ratherastory  's Fusion'verse (which I adore)...and and...SAM whump! I'm a sucker for it!

(which is something I've really only realized about myself recently...for all my falling in love with the show because I fell in love with Dean, I think if there were a gun to my head, I might have to declare myself a Samgirl...though, I should point out that Dean loves Sam too!)

Now I have to run out to find food before I start to death.
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