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Poll Closed. Results!

So, at first it was pretty neck-and-neck, but in the end, posting the timestamp in parts once a week won the poll.

Therefore, what I'm going to do is start posting it in parts starting on Wednesday (but just here on my journal)...until I'm finished writing it, and then I'll post whatever parts are still to be posted in quick succession! At which point I will cross-post the fic to the other SPN fic communities that I usually cross-post too.

Sound good? That way everyone wins.

Also, as requested by one reader, once the entire fic is finished, I will make it available to download in pdf - for those of you who prefer to read on eReaders, or would like to print it off and read it off of paper (I used to do this with fic when I was a teenager using a shared computer.). 
It really is ALMOST finished, so right now I'm forseeing possibly only two weeks (and therefore two parts) wait until I post the whole thing. Depending how much i get done on Monday, I might actually finish it then - but I'd prefer to take at least a week to edit and check for typos, and then I'm going to my brother's house for a week and won't have access to my laptop, so it'll be enough just to figure out how to post a part that week. Plus I'll be doing some home-reno with my bro, so I won't have much time to edit/typo-check...plus, you know, I'm looking forward to spending time with my brother, because I love him or something, and I don't want to ignore him while I mess about with fic.
This one isn't as emotionally hard-hitting as The Letter, but I'm very proud of it for other reasons.
So, now I must sleep, so that I can get up tomorrow and hopefully spoil myself by following along with the Supernatural panel at ComicCon on Twitter. I'm really looking forward to the videos!! Mark Sheppard is going to be there!! :D
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