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Fitting a stereotype...or am I?

I was packing for my trip (going home to Ontario until VanCon) and I noticed that I was fitting the classic stereotype of the girl who is packing too many pairs of shoes...but then I looked at the shoes:

And somehow, I don't think they're what most people have in mind when they make that joke.

(I will actually be WEARING one of those pairs, so they aren't all going in the suitcase. I might wear the sketchers, since I'm not sure if they are making people take off their shoes at airport security in Canada now too.)

For those who are interested (I don't know why you would be): Cloakwise from Sandals...

1.Sandals (self-explanatory, it's summer)
2. Scruffy work-shoes (I'll be helping my brother with some home-repair, so I need shoes that I don't care about. I feel like I should point out though, that those work-shoes have been to 3 continents! Those in the Sherlock fandom might get a kick out of that fact...I'm a dork)
3. Sketchers (these are good city-shoes, for when there isn't much walking involved - or when you don't want to deal with laces). 
4. "Day-hikers" (These are waterproof and crazy comfortable - great for Vancouver. They are my most expensive pair of shoes, with a retail value of $200. I got them half-off though.)
Of course, the sad thing is that I actually DO have a wedding to go to while I'm in Ontario, and I very obviously do not have appropriate shoes for such an occasion...so, I'll have to go shopping while I'm there. I hate shopping for fancy-shoes though, because I can't walk in heels.
Now of course, I've done a whole LJ post solely about my glorious shoe collection...so, does that make me a stereotypical girl? :P

ETA: Is there a VanCon attendee that's a size 8? I have this really cute blue skirt that's never going to fit me again...
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