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Rewatch S1: Random Stuff

My job is deadly boring. Thankfully, I work from home 90% of the time, so no one can see me rubbing my face and saying "kill me now lord!"

Today, out of desperation for SOME entertainment, I popped on Disc 1 of SPN S1 and hit "Play All." Because I was working, of course, I couldn't actually WATCH the episodes, I could only listen to them.

Here's something I missed the first time 'round: In Dead in the Water. Dean once again uses "2 years" as a description of how much time Sam has been away. Specifically, Dean says that he's the one that has been with John for the past 2 years. Now, everyone agrees that the 2-year time for Sam's college years said by Dean in the pilot is wrong; I just thought it odd that they would make the same mistake 2 episodes later too.

Still, it's a mistake...but part of me thought "what scenario would make it NOT a mistake?" Sam definitely has been in college for more than 2 years (more like 4), but what if Dean hadn't been with John for all of those 4 years. It'd make an interesting slight-AU. Sam takes off to college and in the aftermath of "the fight" Dean takes off too...but not with Sam. It'd be extremely out-of-character for Dean, but that's where they AU part comes in, I suppose. Then after 2 years of being away on his own, Sam stops by California and sees Sam, but doesn't meet Jessica, so the visit would have to be a short one - plus one that left the brothers estranged, because Sam wouldn't pick up the phone when Dean called or at least Dean wouldn't think he would. Whatever fight/event happens when Dean drops in on Sam in California, it spurs Dean to return to his Dad's side. Man, it'd be interesting...but I don't think I could ever write it. The more I think about the premise, the more annoying OOC it is for Dean...who really can't stand to be alone and would never leave his father willingly (unless it was to save his father's life).

Ah well, there may have been other stuff I noticed, but now I forget them. 

Oh, one thing I noticed was that I think it's Jared who says "Think, Sam - Think!" in the commentary for Phantom Traveler. I always thought it was Jensen, but Jensen makes fun of himself in very next instance when they show Dean and Jensen says "searching...searching..." Anyway, still hilarious and still makes me laugh.

ETA: I also noticed a continuity error. In Phantom Traveler the boys totally knew that a person possessed by a demon still had that person trapped inside - yet in Devil's Trap, Dean didn't seem to realize until Bobby told him.

I really need to find something to entertain me while I work....or possibly I need a new job, but I DO like the fact that my job let's me sleep in and stay unshowered in my pjs all day.

(Once again, moodtheme is the perfect scene for this post, since I work as a researcher).
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