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Jared on Twitter and Celebrities on Tumblr.

Today has been a fantastic day. I woke up to the sun shining - I stayed in bed an extra hour because my brain was doing that really cool lucid dreaming thing it does (I've been told that most people have to take drugs in order to achieve what my brain does naturally - so hey, free drug-effects might as well enjoy it!)

When I did get out of bed, I remembered that there was a Supernatural Convention going on in Nashville - so I signed onto twitter to see if anything amusing had occurred....

Jared has joined Twitter - so awesome!!!! He's @jarpad and so far his tweets are adorable - though, I admit that I'm biased, because as most of you know, I have a LITTLE BIT of a crush on the dude.

Then, in a lull between Supernatural related tweets, Mark Gatiss (writer/producer/actor of the Sherlock bbc series) posts this picture "by request": 

And I think... ok, I follow someone called "anarmydoctor" on tumblr....who happens to be obsessed with Martin Freeman (which is why I follow her) and um, that note is signed by "John Watson." and those look like Martin Freeman's hands, and that coat looks like Martin Freeman's coat... and then Mark Gatiss posts that the request was made by a "hairy-footed man" - and Martin Freeman happens to be playing the Hobbit....

So, yes, Martin Freeman is on your Tumblr's reading your posts about how much you love the nape of his neck....and looking at the gifs you made of him making out with people and taking baths in movies....

And THAT my friends is why I'm always very careful about what I say about actors (or anyone) when I'm on the internet - because (and I fear most people haven't realized this) actors have access to internet too! 
So, I hope no one is mean to Jared now that he's on twitter, and I hope that Martin Freeman continues to be amazingly awesome! :)

ETA: And if you are wondering what it looks like when a fangirl's head explodes on Tumblr, read this reaction post.
You guys, I need a Clothes-Sharing icon!! Does anyone know of any? Or can anyone make me one?!

Tonight is Game 2! I'll be cheering for my local sports team, of course. :)
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