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S6 Cut-Text Songs

And thus ends my Song Contest from my End of Season Fun and Games post!

After I watched each episode this past season, I would walk home from my friend's house (about a half hour walk) and listen to my iPod on shuffle. During the walk, I would pick out the lyric that I felt best suited the episode, and then I would use it as the cut-text for my review.

The winner, by 6.5 is ratherastory!! Her prize is either Eternal Glory or she can suggest I give her something else (within reason)!

And now the answers:

Nearly all answers can be found in a playlist here - or they are linked separately below.

1. 6x06 - You Can't Handle the Truth - "Off with his head man, off with his head man, why can't he remember my name? I guess he does."

Paranoid Android by Radiohead. 

2. 6x07 - Family Matters - "You beautiful f*cked up man..."

Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan

3. 6x08 - All Dogs Go to Heaven - "Every stop I make, I make a new friend..."

The Theme from The Littlest Hobo (Ok, not on my iPod, but seriously, watch the video and then tell me that this doesn't suit the episode perfectly?)

4. 6x10 - Caged Heat - "My Daddy was a Rock'n'Roller..."

Daddy was a Rock'n'Roller by Jason Collett (I absolutely adore Jason Collett, by the way...he's kind of like a sentimental Bob Dylan)

5. 6x11 - Appointment in Samarra - "Miles of rope to tie down the dying"

Tie Down the Dying by Hey Rosetta! (It shouldn't be a surprise, judging by my header, that Hey Rosetta! made it onto this playlist. The lead singer is one of my imaginary boyfriends.)

6. 6x12 - Like a Virgin - "Anyway, chu content que tu r'viennes..."

Ok, ratherastory  got all excited and said that this was Franck Fernandel's Bonjour Marie...and so I looked it up, and sure enough, he's got the exact same line starting that song. However, the line doesn't start with "Anyway..." and he pronounces the french "correctly" (Je suis content que tu reviennes)....rather than the way I have it written. And that's because, this was actually....

Toune d'Automne by Les Cowboys Fringants! 

But ratherastory  gets a half point, because I do admit that they are similar. 

For those wondering, the line roughly translates to "Anyway, I'm glad that you're back" and I thought that was a very fitting lyric for the episode. This also happens to be my favourite French-Canadian song.

7. 6x13 - Unforgiven - "...with this fire in my head."

Fire in the Head by The Tea Party 

(Welcome to my teenage years - when all I did was listen to The Tea Party and watch candles burn.)

8. 6x14 - Mannequin 3: The Reckoning - "Goodbye. Is this how you want it?"

Goodbye Letter by Jonny Lang. 

Sadly, I couldn't find a youtube video for this song. The chorus, however, is:
Goodbye. Is this how you want it?
I'll leave, but I  don't want to go
I'll wait, but I won't wait forever
For you to say Goodbye. 

9. 6x15 - The French Mistake - "You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife..."

Most everyone was able to guess this one. It's not on my iPod either, but I couldn't resist using it.

Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads

10. 6x16 - And Then There Were None - "Plug your ears, cover your eyes, don't listen, don't listen..."

And of course, Hey Rosetta! would HAVE  to appear twice...

Plug Your Ears by Hey  Rosetta!

11. 6x17 - My Heart Will Go On - "One way or another, I'm going to getcha getcha getcha..."

I think everyone got this one, seeing as how it was in the episode itself and not on my iPod...

One Way Or Another by Blondie

12. 6x18 - Frontierland - "It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry..."

Some people spotted this deceptive addition...it's...

Oh Suzannah....and yes, I  actually do have it on my iPod. It's the version by James Hill, who plays a very haunting version on a steel string slide ukelele (yes, you read that correctly). I heard him play it live at an open-air concert two summers ago, and it was really beautiful.

13. 6x19 - Mommy Dearest - "Your shadow turns you ugly"

Where I Started by Wide Mouth Mason

Sadly, I couldn't find this song on youtube either.

14. 6x20 - The Man Who Would Be King - "With every bridge your burn, with every lesson you unlearn"

Northern Star by Molly Johnson.

Again, I could not find an youtube vid or an online source for the song. Molly Johnson is a great Canadian jazz/blues singer, so I  suggest you check her out. Here's another song by her that's good - Melody.

For those interested, the next line of lyrics, I think, represents my hope for S7:
With every bridge you burn, with every lesson you unlearn
You can always find your way back home.

15. 6x21 - Let It Bleed - "You don't even know how to say goodbye..."

Cry by either Godley and Cream or The Philosopher Kings. I've linked the Philosopher Kings version, because that's the version on my iPod.

16. 6x22 - The Man Who Knew Too Much - "The air outside will make our cells divide at an alarming rate..."

We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service

This is a brilliant song. Someone questioned whether it was about cancer...it's actually about Nuclear Holocaust, which is why I thought it fitting to use it for the final episode. Not only are there a lot of references to nuclear bombs in the episode, but also, someone becomes divided at an alarming rate! Worked out brilliantly! That being said - very strange video for it. *shrug*

Thanks for playing! And I  know that listening to music can be boring, but seriously - check out some of the links. They are good tunes!
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