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Jensen was in my (former) city!

Ok, I know...still spamming...but but...

I was reading what little the SuperWiki had on Con in Germany that happened this weekend and I came across this tid-bit in a report:

[Jensen] said he’s been staying in Freiburg, cause Danneel’s got relatives/friends there, and he thinks it’s a beautiful city. [source]

Guys! I used to live in Freiburg! And I miss it! And it IS a beautiful city! And...ok, it's kind of stupid that I'm all excited that Jensen was in Freiburg, when I LIVE IN THE SAME CITY AS HIM 9 MONTHS OF THE YEAR!

I'm a dork.

And now I'll seriously stop spamming you...I should have really come up with a plan for what I was going to do today, instead of getting bored and goofying around on the internet all day.



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May. 23rd, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
Oooh, cool!

I had the same reaction when they went to Grants Pass on the show. I got all flaily, because that's where my grandparents lived. And then I thought, that's dumb, you live in the town where they shoot the show. But somehow that made me way more excited :)
May. 23rd, 2011 02:53 am (UTC)
the human mind is a funny thing :P

I think it's also of the whole "wanting people you like to also like the stuff/places you like." - And I really liked living in Freiburg. Not that I don't like living in Vancouver, it's just that Jensen has lived in Vancouver longer than I have, so technically he found it first :P
May. 23rd, 2011 02:48 am (UTC)
completely not a dork, i would squeel if he was anywhere near me or where i have been at any point at all...
May. 23rd, 2011 02:54 am (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one. ;)
May. 23rd, 2011 03:12 am (UTC)
No need to explain. That's cool!
Heck, I get giddy just knowing the guys are 160 miles NORTH of me 9 months out of the year. And I miss them when I know they're not there. I'm so pathetic. :P
May. 23rd, 2011 03:14 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah...I always get kind of sad when they mention the fact that they don't want to stay here the rest of their lives :P
May. 23rd, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
Dork away bb. The true fan girls understand. Like how I almost run off the road laughing every time I see a Crowley truck on the road or a train.

I just know he's shown up in Nashville with Christian Kane or some other music buds while they're recording or something. >.> <.< No time to stalk. ;D
May. 23rd, 2011 07:43 am (UTC)
So many people come in and out of Vancouver...but, I'm just not the stalking type :P

Crowley trucks, eh? I didn't even know they existed. There's a cement mixing company (or something) that has a similar name to my best friend, and whenever I see their trucks I miss him :P
May. 23rd, 2011 07:47 am (UTC)
I'm not either but the potential for both of us is so great. lol

It's a shipping company so I see their containers on trucks and trains all the time.
May. 24th, 2011 02:18 am (UTC)
That's so cool! Aww, it makes me miss him too.
May. 23rd, 2011 07:34 am (UTC)
And...ok, it's kind of stupid that I'm all excited that Jensen was in Freiburg, when I LIVE IN THE SAME CITY AS HIM 9 MONTHS OF THE YEAR!

LOL But it's okay. I'm excited when Jared said his friend came to Singapore, much less when any one of the boys actually said they visited a place themselves.

I want to visit Germany someday, to practice my rusty German. And Danneel seemed to have a lot of relatives in Europe. That's so lucky of them. :)
May. 23rd, 2011 07:42 am (UTC)
You should visit Germany! It's fun!

I wish I knew more people in Europe. Danneel is lucky to have lots of relatives in different places.

My German is so rusty it's embarrassing - especially for someone who LIVED there before.
May. 23rd, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
It´s not stupid, I get all excited when I know they are in Germany, wether they are in a city near my place or not ^^ It doesn´t have to make scence ^^ You coul practice your german with me (but what little I´ve read your german is flawless so maybe not :D)
May. 24th, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
Haha, my German is far from flawless, but thank you. :P

I get all excited when anyone is in Germany, even though I no longer live there and haven't been to all parts of it.

Ich soll dich besuchen, um mein deutsch zu verbesseren. Aber du kannst immer auf deutsch heir schreiben, wenn du willst. :)
Alexandra Bauer
May. 24th, 2011 04:06 pm (UTC)
Du sollst mich besuchen oder du möchtest mich besuchen? Sind zwei paar verschiedene Dinge ^^ aber mal ehrlich dein Deutsch ist wirklich gut. Und es ist ja nicht umsonst eine der schwersten Sprachen der Welt (wobei nicht einmal die Deutschen richtig Deutsch können). Aber hey ich werd gern dein persönlicher Deutschlehrer ^^
May. 24th, 2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
"soll" bedeutet "should" auf englisch, oder? Auf jedem Fall, möchte ich dich besuchen.

Und es ist ja nicht umsonst eine der schwersten Sprachen der Welt

Und deswegen gefaellt es mir. (<-vielleicht falsche Grammatik, aber hoffentlich verstehst du.)
Alexandra Bauer
May. 24th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
Sollen ist leider nicht gleich should, kommt drauf an was man ausdrücken möchte aber in dem Fall denke ich das es richtig ist. Und deine Begründung warum dir die Sprache gefällt ist korrekt und ja ich versteh dich ^^ Gibt es kein ä auf den englischen Tastaturen? Und ich hätte gerne Besuch aus Canada ^^ Vielleicht wird ja mal wirklich was drauß.
May. 24th, 2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
Nein, es gibt kein ä auf den englischen Tastaturen - es gibt keinen buchstaben mit umlauts. Wenn ich MS Word (or notepad) benutzen, gibt es "short-cut keys" (z.B. Fn+Alt+0252 = ü). Aber, wenn man in eine Internet "browser" ist, die "short-cut keys" macht die "browser" verrückt. Ich muss immer "copy-paste" von notepad oder Word, wenn ich ü oder ä brauchen.

Du sollst (haha) Canada besuchen!
Alexandra Bauer
May. 24th, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
Mein Gott ist das umständlich ^^ Ich komm sofort vorbei wenn ich genug Geld zusammen habe, wollte schon immer mal nach Canada.

Das Bild mit Jensen und der Deutschlandflagge find ich endgeil, als ich dass das erste mal gesehen habe musste ich die ganze Zeit grinsen.
May. 25th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)
Ich liebe dieses bild mit Jensen ;)

Und ja, es ist sehr umständlich - und das ist warum ich schreibe am meistens "ae" oder "oe" oder "ue" als ersatz umlauts :P

Canada ist sehr gross, so hoffentlich wenn du kommst, du wirst irgendwo in der Nähe kommen.
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