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Can of Worms

There's another article about misogyny in Supernatural that had me all up in arms until it got to the end of the article. Well played author (who happens to be on my flist, I believe). 
Although I do still disagree with some of what is said, (they are my standard disagreements - I hate the bechdel test, I think some complaints actually contribute to misogynism rather than lessen it), I DO agree with the concluding message. 
It also makes a very good point about the visuals that we are exposed to in advertising. In this case, it's very specifically about advertising for TV shows, but in general advertising is the most misogynistic thing we're exposed to in our day to day lives and TV show ads are no different.
UPDATE on Lyric Guessing Game: So far two people are tied for first with 3 songs each. Everyone has successfully guessed the songs for French Mistake and My Heart Will Go On...I'm thinking that I'll have to open it up to "Google-Cheating" at this rate.
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