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Come Thou, Tortoise - a review

Last night I finished the book Come Thou, Tortoise by Jessica Grant.

My mother had given it to me for my birthday, and I highly recommend it! I'm not sure how my mum was able to basically pick out the perfect book for me (without presumably reading it first) - but she did. It starts off a little slow, but, when it picks up, it is well worth it. It is a cleverly disguised book, because you think it's just a bit of light reading, and then when you find yourself at the end, you want to go back and read from the beginning... and you can, because the whole book will be new again.

It is also set in Newfoundland, which I miss a great deal. Also, there is a Lada in it that has to be jump started by pushing it down the road and popping the clutch. (I spent a good portion of my life pushing a Lada down the road.)

Also, a TORTOISE! One of my FAVOURITE animals!  I love turtles/tortoises so much, I got one tattooed on myself for safe keeping. Also, also...the tortoise reads Shakespeare! WHY DO I NOT HAVE A SHAKESPEARE READING TORTOISE?! "I find Shakespeare's use of exponents curious."

When I put down this book, I really felt like Jessica Grant wrote it just for me. It was THAT lovely.

But what's it about? Well, like all good stories, it's just a book about love, home, and how sometimes how something is all depends on how you look at it.

Thanks Mum! (She reads everything I post here except episode reviews, fanfiction, and flocked posts)
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