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Hey folks!

Thanks for all the great suggestions on the timeline issue! I think we are on our way to working out a solution that the majority of people will be okay with!

Now, to brighten your day, here are some comics from the past week that I enjoyed immensely, and hope you will too:

your opponent looks at you with pain in her eyes, trying to express - what?  it's impossible to say.  she places an "S", turning "HAT" into "HATS".  12 points.  you suddenly understand what she was trying to communicate: "I know that I've hurt you before, and I know that I'll do it again.  I'm so sorry."  you look down at your handful of useless wooden letters, their forms suddenly blurry.
(make sure you read the rollover located text HERE too)

And of course, in honour of Easter:

I might go vote today in the advance polls. Remember kids: Voting is important! When historians go back to study history, it really helps to know what percentage of the population was made up of idiots.
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