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AFK for a week

Just in case you are wondering where I got to - I've got a friend from back home visiting for a week. She's running me a little ragged doing the full tourist experience. Anyway, I'll still be watching the show on Friday and posting my thoughts about it, but I might not be able to respond to comments or see what my flist is up to until the 20th.

In the meantime, if there's anything you think I should definitely check out, tell me about it! I'll try to catch up on all the goings-on next week. :)

In the meantime...CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: I like pacific white-sided dolphins better than bottle-nose dolphins. *shocked gasp* ....sorry, we went to the aquarium today, and goddamn it, those fellas are cute. (yes, I am sometimes a girl).

PS: I hope all my Canadian friends are on the electors list and planning to vote on May 2nd! It's important! 
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