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SPN next gen, and my horrible life

Lately I've discovered the existence of SPN-Next Gen...which is made up of a group of people who write stories about Ben Braeden, Claire Novak, and Jesse Turner (the antichrist) hunting together when they're all grown up. I must admit, I kind of love it. My favourite so far is this series on insanejournal. It's gen so far, but there are also people elsewhere on the interweb who write it as a threesome (which I also like.)

Anyway, my favourite part of all the stories is them discovering how connected they are. I suppose it's the stuff of crossover lovers everywhere: watching the characters discover what you already know. 

A couple of similarities I've discovered between all writers: Everyone makes Ben into Dean's biological son. Jesse always ends up being a weird loner. Claire is a badass.

In other news, I'm horribly depressed about my life again. Work has been horrible this month. I'm signing up tomorrow to be an extra, in the hopes of making some cash - but there is no guarantee for jobs there. The more I don't do anything, the more I feel like I CAN'T do anything - like, I literally don't know how to work any job...having no confidence severely undermines one's ability to find a new career.  
Also, being horribly depressed and stressed out about finances does not lead to feeling very creative. I've got about half of another demented'verse piece written, but haven't touched it for a few days. I started going through and working on my novel again, only to discover that the beginning was so craptastic that it was actually demotivating....though, I have been working on ideas for the middle, so hopefully all hope is not lost there. Sort of sucks, because I have all this free time because work is sucking, but I end up being depressed about work sucking and not getting anything done anyway. I get a lot more done when I'm busy and financially secure.
Anyway, yeah...so, that's what's up with me. I want the show to come back on :P
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