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Between 6x15 and 6x16

I was timelining 6x16, and I noticed something: At the end of 6x15 there was a gaping hole in Bobby's wall where his window used to be, at the beginning of 6x16, it's all nice and repaired.

So, where are all the 6x15 codas that have Sam and Dean fixing Bobby's window? I mean, it'd be the perfect opportunity for Dean to bust out his newly attained construction skillz, and Sam to be all impressed....not to mention Bobby being all pissed that an angel ransacked his spell-pantry. I mean, how's he going to replace that bone of a lesser saint.

Still no dates in the timeline, btw. Oh well, at least they aren't the wrong dates.

PS: the masses have spoken on my poll so far, and it appears the next thing I write will be a demented'verse timestamp. I'll follow up on the second question a little later, I'm turning a few ideas over in my head.
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