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Quick Reaction: 4x18 The Monster At The End Of This Book


Man oh man! This episode was awesome!

Let's make a list:

1. Self-referential hilarity! It took many forms -
a) They describe the popularity of the show itself - "It didn't sell many copies, but it developed a good cult following."
b) They describe the industry that they have to contend with - "It's the medical dramas that are popular now - Dreamy doctors..."
c) They describe the insanity of said cult-following - "Sympatico says that the demon story line is craptastic...well, screw you sympatico!" (Even more funny to me, since Sympatico is what the internet service provided by Bell Canada is called.)  and of course, the gem of the following exchange:

Sam: ...as in Sam SLASH Dean.
Dean: What? Like...together?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: They do know we're brothers, right?
Sam: Oh they know, it doesn't seem to matter.
Dean: That's just wrong.

Which I think makes Supernatural the first show to officially recognize the existance of it's own fanfiction/slash/crazy-ass fandom.

But wait! There's more for the list...

d) References to previous episodes that were or were not very good - first off, you get a "book listing" which is actually an episode list. Then you have the Chuck's line of "Bugs? The Ghost Ship? I mean, horror is one thing, but to have to live through bad writing..." Hahaha...aww, those episodes weren't THAT bad...
e)The alias of the writer himself - Carver Edlund - very nice.
f) Oh! The Tattoos! That was a nice touch.

Ok, now on to the actual seriousness of the episode:

2. I think the Winchester Gospel is a bit cheesy, but I thought that the Prophet Character was really well done. The fact that he's sympathetic to the boys - he hasn't written in about Sam's addiction to demon blood...he wants to warn them about whatever happens on the Season Finale...he has no choice but to continue to live, and write, without being able to help...man, good times...of course, this leaves me with a few questions:

QUESTIONS: When Dean stormed in to take Chuck to the hotel, Chuck said "What are you doing here? I didn't write this?!" Does that mean that he didn't SEE it? Was Dean actually able to CHANGE what happened - I'm assuming, since Sam and Lillith never had fiery demonic passion...or did they? I mean, he never actually said sex, I suppose. What WERE his words? Oh man, it all comes down to the exact wording, just like a real prophet. Anyway, the point remains that he was still surprised to see Dean, which means that SOME things are in flux. For instance, the fellow I was watching the show pointed out that he must not write everything down, or else Dean would have known exactly how he got into an accident with a mini-van and exactly how his window got smashed...so, yeah, tricky stuff, prophecy.

3. Castiel shows more emotion, not only that but he shows SNEAKYNESS!  That angel is a bit wicked, methinks ;-) Seriously...he not only seemed to be very torn up about not being able to help Dean, he also seemed quite mischievous in his small "rule breaking". Also, his plan - hella cool. They keep this up, I will actually become a shipper - and that's a frightening thought.

4. The Prophet Chuck is also The Shrink Chuck - seriously, this episode was all about the boys getting a little bit of theropy (Haha, I so laughed at them trying not to have an argument in the restaurant - it reminded me so much of couple's theropy). The episode also gave Sam the perfect opportunity to explain to us what's been going through his head. And yeah, I sort of saw that coming - confirmed of course by one of Jared's answers at the lastest Con that I read about. But yeah, Sam's reasoning makes perfect sense - Dean IS different. He DOES need help. He's had all the markings of PTSD all season, and of course Sam's freaking out about it. HIs invincible brother is ...vincible. The only problem of course is the level of Sam's anger about everything...which brings me to...

5. How perfect was that end? I loved it. Sam's line of "She's right about one thing. Lillith is not going to survive the apocalypse. I'll make sure about that" was AWESOME. The delivery and phrasing and everything...because Sam didn't say that there wasn't going to BE an apocalypse, and furthermore, he seemed to suggest that Lillith wouldn't survive but HE would. Also, you get a reappearance of Zachariah, and again, he's painted as neither sympathetic nor antigonistic...so, it still remains somewhat ambigious about whether or not you can trust him. At least in my opinion.

Ok, I think that's it. Man, I wrote a frickin' essay on this thing. Let me know if I forgot anything, eh? - Oh yeah, for this year, I'm predicting that we are going to have our most heartbreaking Season Finale yet.
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