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For those who were eagerly awaiting it, I've now posted the entry for Dean's Green Utility Coat of Doom. Enjoy!

Also, I've come up with NEW bar graphs...

How many new clothes do the Winchesters get per season? Find out below!

This time, the graphs are only for the clothes we see them wear in the season, not necessarily all the clothes they own...(if we included the clothes that they keep packed, then the "used" column would increase by 1-4 for each Winchester, depending on the season.

And I can tell you right now that Dean only has 1 new shirt in S5.

On a completely different topic, I just realized that I missed posting too new shirts in S4...which means that technically my charts for S4 are all off by 1, but they are off equally by 1, since I missed both a new Dean shirt and a new Sam shirt. Sigh...Ah well, maybe I'll go post those entries now and do my S4 charts over again. :P ETA: FIXED
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