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Quick Reaction: 6x12 Like A Virgin


Ok, so before Christmas, the text I was using for my cut text was usually selected from a song that played on my ipod on the walk home from my friends house - today, for some reason, my ipod decided to favour my French-Canadian music...so, um, don't let the French in the cut text fool you, it's all English under the cut :)


Oh, maybe I should start at the beginning, eh?

Um, again...tipsy levels high. My apologies if this is a disjointed review. 

So, we start of with a woman and a man in a plane....and THERE'S SOMETHING ON THE WING! Ok, no, there's something outside the plane - it's big and scary, and I didn't actually see it. But the woman does, and she flips...and then the man gets sucked through the airplane windshield and the plane goes down, and I'm thinking "WHERE ARE SAM AND DEAN?! WHO CARES ABOUT THESE PEOPLE!"

Luckily the TV reads my mind, because when we get back, Cas exits the panic room and talks to Dean, and DUDE he's harsh. I don't really get Cas' logic though...I mean, yeah, I understand that putting Sam's soul back inside of him could kill him/permanently injure him - but isn't that better than having his soul continually raped and tortured by Lucifer and Michael in the cage? I mean, even if it makes him a vegetable, at least nothing more bad is happening to him right? RIGHT?! And really, what good is Sam's body walking around if it's not really Sam and you can't trust it at all? If you're going to have to kill Sam's body because it's dangerous, why not kill two birds with one stone and stop Sam's soul-torture too? 

Anyway, that all said, I do love Cas' line of "if you wanted to kill your brother, you should have just done it outright" because BURN! OUCH! I love it when Cas gets pissed off. 

So, Sam has been sleeping for a while. I'm looking forward to timelining, because I think Bobby mentions that it's been around ten days. With lack of dates, I always like timelining episodes relative to each other.

Anyway, Dean and Bobby are all talky talk in the study, and talking about a Cas, and not expecting Sam to be up anytime soon...and then we hear "Dean?"

And MAN, that was good to hear...I feel bad for Sam waking up alone in the panic room - but man, it must have been trippy for him. He's terrified and falling into the pit and then he's awake in the panic room...and his brother and Bobby are safe and sound upstairs. And we get a hug, and then a Bobby hug...only Bobby's a bit awkward, because...well, attempted murder and all.

Sam is hungry! IT'S THE APOCALYPSE! Oh, wait, no, that already happened. He's just hungry because he's been sleeping for 10 days without an IV drip....perhaps something that Dean should have looked into, unless he was force feeding him orange juice and sugar in his sleep...but then, there are other bodily functions, and yeah...they don't make for good TV. So, on TV you can sleep for 10 days and not starve or thirst to death. Maybe it wasn't 10 days. I have to watch the episode again to get the line.

So, where was I?

Sam doesn't remember anything from hell or his year without a soul. This answers my question about whether Sam would have a double memory when he gets back from hell - apparently the answer is: amnesia...only not quite, but we'll get to that.

Dean doesn't tell him anyway, just says it's been a year and a half and leaves it at that.

Bobby doesn't agree - and I'm with Bobby on this one. If you tell him everything, there's less chance of him scratching that wall looking for answers. Though, we all know Sam's going to scratch that wall regardless.

Bobby also says that he's still all creeped out by the attempted-murder thing. Understandable, I suppose. Bobby and Sam have never been as tight as Dean and Bobby...I wonder how Bobby would feel if Dean came back from hell soulless and tried to kill him for a spell? 

I think it's hilarious that Dean and Bobby were going to drive to Oregon and just call Sam from the road. Dudes, Oregon is a long way from South Dakota....that's a heck of a trip to plan without telling some dude that's a little more sleepy than usual.

But Sam wakes up and is typically clueless and goes with Dean and Bobby stays home. I liked Sam asking what was up with Bobby and Dean saying "I don't know, 1 part age and 3 parts liquor?" I'm going to remember that for when I'm an alcoholic grandmother like my grandmother before me.

So, they end up in Oregon...and I just have to point out here that since Sam woke up from his nap, he's been wearing all his old clothes. I mean, they're in Oregon and he's wearing a shirt he's had since S1. I haven't done the If Clothes Could Talk for S6 yet, but up until now I've been noticing mostly new shirts, and then suddenly he's in all his old stuff - including his old green jacket...the same old green jacket that he WAS SHOT IN AND THEN FELL INTO THE CAGE WITH. Nice repair job, Robo-Sam. You can hardly tell that thing should have two bullet holes in it.

The thing with this episode is that the monster storyline is really secondary...which is crazy, because you'd think Dragons would be a LITTLE more epic...but no, the epic storyline is Sam and Dean and then it's like "Oh yeah, and there be dragons!"

So, they interview a few people - Sam is all his old empathetic self...Dean is immediately back to his old-self too - cracking jokes and pointing out the benefits of being easy. "Nothing but upsides!" Couldn't agree more, Dean...also, as my friend pointed out, it was nice to have a reverse of the typical horror trope where all the slutty girls die first and only the virgin girls survive. We laughed so hard at Dean's P.Diddy line that we had to rewind to hear the rest of the scene.

Sam starts sort of remembering his soulless year - like deja vu. Dean denies it.

Oh, and somewhere in here...I guess on the way to Oregon, Sam accuses Dean of not even trying with Lisa - and Dean does fess up to being with Lisa and Ben for a full year, but that "it didn't work out" - and that was kind of sad, but also kind of maddening, because you just want to say "TELL HIM DEAN! GEEZ!"

But alas, Dean does not...which means that while Dean is out trying to pull a sword from a stone, Sam thinks "who can I get to tell me the truth"...and he calls Bobby and asks why he's being a Weirdo McWeirderton, but Bobby doesn't take the bait...so Sam prays to Cas....

Cas comes! (no, not in that way...you dirty dirty people)

And man, Cas is HAPPY to see Sam...and doesn't know that Dean hasn't told Sam anything...and this scene was brilliant. I LOVE this scene. Because we get Sam's teary-eyes of emotion, and Cas awkwardly showing happiness and affection...but, but...Cas goes in for a hug and Sam TOTALLY DENIES HIM HUGZ! 


Forgetting Brotherly Hugs, SOMEONE HUG CAS! I felt like jumping in there and doing it myself...oh god...it was torturous. Poor Cas. HUGS FOR CAS!

Ok....anyway, Sam learns the truth....from the person who is going to give him it to him in probably the bluntest way possible...nice going, Dean.

Speaking of Dean, he's off with hot-older-lady. Seriously, who is this lady? She's AWESOME! She lives in an AWESOME house, she's CRAZY good-looking, she knows about DRAGONS, She has some kind of torrid past with Bobby, and she has a sword-in-the-stone IN HER BASEMENT! NEW RECURRING CHARACTER YES? YES?!!

I loved the whole scene of Dean trying to pull the sword from the stone and failing miserably. I mean, he's the Michael-Sword and he can't pull a sword from a stone? SO GREAT! So, he blows it with explosives....also AWESOME! 

Of course, he breaks the PRICELESS ARTIFACT. Brilliant. God, I love Dean. Thankfully, he breaks it mid-way down the blade, so it's still usable.

Sam and Dean rush off to rescue virgins from Dragon-men. I once had a dream where dragons could turn into men/women...it was awesome. I was one of them....we were all protecting treasure...good times.

A fight ensues! There are two dragon men! It's a little confusing! Dean can't reach the sword when it falls, but Sam does...is it because he's special, or just because he HAS LONGER ARMS?! I think the latter. 

Most of the virgins are rescued! Oh happy day...they will immediately run out into the world and have sex. Why they haven't done so already is a mystery...sex is fun. I highly recommend it.

Then, with the day nicely saved, Sam and Dean head off into the sunset...only Sam is like "DEAN! YOU TOTALLY LIED TO ME! CAS TOLD ME EVERYTHING AND NOW I HAVE CRAZY GUILT ISSUES BECAUSE MY BODY AND BRAIN ARE BASTARDS!"

And Dean is like "Dude, no one cares....except maybe Bobby....."



And the "MOTHER" is unleashed!


ETA: A few things I forgot to mention -
1. So many awesome references in this episode - WoW, D&D, ComicCon....
2. Sam momentarily believed Cas was still dead! How sad was that!
3. SFU! I know in this case it stood for San Francisco University...but we had a good 30 seconds there were we were able to pretend they were talking about Simon Fraser University here in Vancouver/Burnaby.
4. HOGWARTS MENTION! Haha...fun.
5. How much did I love Dean for mentioning 12-sided dice? Answer: A WHOLE LOT! D&D nerds FTW.

And now I am sleepy and going to bed. Believe it or not, I've got to work all weekend, so tomorrow is like a Monday for me :(

Let me know what you thought, or what you wished I talked about....
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  • ... give me one more week!

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