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Pet Peeves: Sherlock BBC fanfic Edition

I'm going to complain about something that most of my flist doesn't care about for a second...

Sherlock Holmes is not emotionless.

I've been reading a lot of Sherlock (bbc) fic as of late, and again and again people get Sherlock wrong. It's beginning to drive me a little nuts...because you'll have a perfectly good thought out fic otherwise, but the characterization of one of the principals is completely off and it ruins the whole thing.

It's true, in the BBC's Sherlock, he is a self-described "sociopath" - this does not mean, however, that he does not have emotions. It means that he has an inability to empathize with OTHER people's emotions. He certainly still feels his own - actually, more than likely, he feels his own a bit too much - when he is happy, he is really happy, when he is depressed, he is HORRIBLY depressed, and when he is angry, he'll torture a dying man without blinking an eye. 

But even disregarding the whole label of "sociopath", are these writers even watching the show?! He kisses Mrs. Hudson on the cheek in glee - he gets thoroughly annoyed at someone using incorrect grammar - he gets really angry when someone won't tell him what he wants to know - he looks hurt when an old college 'friend' talks about how everyone hated him - he looks nervous when he's waiting for John to give his approval - and he freaks out in concern when John is in danger. If he were an emotionless cyborg some of these writers are painting him as, well, none of these things would happen...the series wouldn't be called Sherlock, it'd be called Data and Doctor Watson....or, at the very least, Spock.

Anyway, I'm extra complainy this week because I'm being overworked at the job I absolutely hate and I just found out that I have to work the weekend too. I know that fanfic authors are not professional writers and that I should just be thankful that they are writing stuff that I can read for free...and I also know that there is a lot of very GOOD fic out there too where people get it right. But it concerns me that so many people get it wrong...

So, if any of you venture into the Sherlock fandom, please remember: Sherlock has feelings. I know it's a common held belief that highly intelligent people are "above all that", but trust me...I'm a highly intelligent person (by most people's standards), and I'm still able to get horribly depressed about how much I hate my job, and very excited about tomorrow's Supernatural episode. 

Also, I love mango juice.

That is all.
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