March 19th, 2020


Rewatch S14: The Spear (14x09) and Nihilism (14x10)

Quarantine rewatches begin! Let's get back at this folks... I've got 12 episodes to go to finish off S14, and due to a temporary production shut-down, we're not actually sure anymore when the Series Finale will be - which means that THIS IS MY CHANCE to finish my S14 rewatch and get the clothes posted before the series concludes.

So, we return, after my time away - and try to remember where the heck I left off...

The Spear

Collapse )


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Anyway, good times, still a good episode! Let me know what you thought in comments! I'll be back either on the weekend or next week - depending on when I get bored of the other things I have to do in my apartment. :)

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