January 7th, 2020


Rewatch S14: The Scar (14x03)

Okay! I am back on track. New year, new method of doing things that will hopefully mean that things actually get done. Sorry about the fall, folks - it just completely got away from me for several reasons that I won't go into.

I'm still doing these the SUPER casual way - no indepth dialogue analysis and no rewrites (yet). It's just my general thoughts as I rewatch.

14x03 The Scar

Collapse )

Mint Condition rewatch will be posted on Thursday, probably! I'm still going to try to do two per week. Sorry that's it's not a deep analysis like I used to do. If there's anything about these episodes you want my in-depth thoughts on, just ask me in the comments and I'll give it more thought JUST FOR YOU! Which makes it EVEN MORE SPECIAL.

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