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October 10th, 2019

Quick Reaction: 15x01 Back to the Future


I do apologize for being so busy as of late. This reaction is going up pretty late in the night too, because I had VERY BUSY DAY.

Before we get into it though, I just wanted to mention that I HAVE ORDERED the S14 DVDs - they should be arriving tomorrow. So that means that rewatches will begin imminently. I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing this year. Maybe similar to what I did last year, when I also couldn't figure out what I was doing. Because I'm so busy, they'll probably be favouring the short-side rather than the indepth reviews that I used to do - but hopefully ya'll still enjoy them.

Reminder about how Quick Reactions work: I've only seen the episode once, while drinking, and taking bad notes - all quotes are meant to be paraphrased and I'm not going to remember everything exactly. Please only correct me if the thing I got wrong is crucial to my understanding of the plot or character actions, or if I ask you to.

Let's get into this season premiere - it's the first of the last!

You think the snake just dreams up the poison in his headCollapse )

Let me know your thoughts in comments!!!

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