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May 11th, 2019

Marvel ramblings

Alright, so it's been a couple of weeks and I've THOUGHT about things, and so I'm going to talk about them... even though I promised myself that I wasn't going to do this.... so, just ignore me.

So, just as a caveat: I'm still not a fan of Endgame because it still uses a few narrative devices that I just don't like. No fault of theirs. They just aren't to my tastes.

But, things that have changed after reading some fan discussions. 

Endgame Spoilers... really, all the spoilers for everythingCollapse )

So, there we go. OPINIONS SHARED. 

My god, I've done NOTHING with my day so far and it's already after 4pm. The only thing I HAVE to do today is watch 2 movies and I haven't even done that. (They're rentals due back tomorrow - and yes, I still rent movies from a movie rental place). This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/579244.html.