April 25th, 2019


Quick Reaction: 14x20 Moriah

It's the end... of the season!

Preamble preamble... you all know the rules. I've been drinking, while taking bad notes, etc.

I'll tell a funny story instead: While I was walking to my friend's house, I kept seeing my cheek out of the corner of my eye... "why can I see my own face? That doesn't seem right? Can I USUALLY see my own face and I just never noticed before?" I was confused. Was soon distracted by show and friendship... then when I got home, I was able to look in the mirror - BIG OL' ZIT forming. So.. there you go folks, it's never a good sign when you can suddenly see your own face.

Now let's talk about the episode, which is only marginally less distressing than acne....

Collapse )

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!!!

I'll try to have the Timeline up by this weekend, such that it is (they didn't give me any dates on the last couple of episodes.)
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