October 23rd, 2018


Guess whose S13 dvds arrived!

That's right, it's that time of year again - where I start the long processes of cataloging the clothes, and may as well post super long rewatch posts while I do it...

Last year, I took the opportunity to re-imagine a S12 without Lucifer, because I hated that storyline. So, now I'm wondering what I should do with S13 - and I'm throwing it to you guys...

Poll #2086294 S13 Rewatch
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What style of rewatch should I do?

Just a standard rewatch, like you used to do - I am filled with nostalgia for a simpler time
Rewrite is like you did last year! That was fun!
Do something else! I have a suggestion that I'll leave in comments!

If I do a rewrite...

Continue your S12 rewrite into S13 - make this as hard as possible on yourself!
Start fresh for S13, just tell us what you would change about it, if you had to start from the same starting point
Don't bother with the rewrite, you don't have time for that sort of thing, just do the standard rewatch like I've already said!

And it goes without saying that if you have any additional thoughts or requests, please comment!

I'll most likely be starting this weekend.