September 3rd, 2018


Favourite Entrances: Dean - Pilot 1.01

Hello! I haven't forgotten about you. I was contemplating what I would do for September, and was warring between options. Long story EXTREMELY SHORT: I drank a lot of wine at my friend's house tonight, and I have to sober up before I can fall asleep... and so just for something to do, I've decided on FAVOURITE ENTRANCES (spelled the Canadian way) until I run out, and then I'll do something else (suggestions welcome)

I'm not going by seasons, because, quite frankly, if I can't immediately remember the entrance, it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and I can't remember any spectacular entrances in S2 or even S3 (Ruby's doesn't count, it doesn't do much for me.)  There is one entrance in S3 that I like, so if I can find a clip of it I'll share, but we'll see.

Let's get on with the one I want to talk about today though...

Dean - Pilot 1x01

This is, arguably, actually the second time we're introduced to Dean, but it's the first time that we're introduced to Adult!Dean, and that distinction is important. Up until this point, we've seen 4 year old Dean carry his brother outside the house.

(Sidenote: I have spent time with a 4 year old this summer, if Dean was a realistic 4 year old, Sam would definitely be dumped in a hallway pretty much immediately - this is more evidence for wunderkind Dean, if there ever was any - 4 year old boys are self-centred a-holes, and I say that being someone who very much loves the 4 year old that I'm basing my evidence on.)

We've already been introduced to adult Sam - a strapping college student with a lovely girlfriend, who is intelligent, and has an estranged relationship with his family. Where is his brother? we ask... well, this is the answer to that question. His brother is breaking into his apartment in the middle of the night, calling him "tiger" and ultimately losing their wrestling match (but arguably, only because he paused for banter).

And the fact that Sam flips him is important for two reasons: Firstly, in the fight we see that they are MATCHED IN SKILL. Not only that, they're matched in a skill that normal college students don't have (hand to hand combat), SECONDLY, they are INTIMATE. And I know you'll see that word and be like "They're brothers, don't make this about sex!" but seriously - what I really mean is a familiarity with physical proximity and COMFORT. They don't distance themselves from each other. Dean stays over Sam to reveal himself, Sam flips him because they are STILL IN AN EMBRACE. Dean has to TELL Sam to let him up, and once Sam lets him up, Dean immediately reaches out to him to run his hands down his arms - to reacquaint himself physically with someone who he obviously once knew every inch of. The whole fight, Dean is countering all of Sam's attacks, because he knows what they will be. Right away, just through the physicality of the scene, we know that these two men know each other well, they are comfortable with each other, they have a long history... they're brothers, but not just brothers like siblings, but brothers in the sense of shared experience and knowledge of the other.

The first clip I found cuts out right after the fight, but the fact that in the scene following, a short hand is revealed - "Dad's on a hunting trip, and he hasn't been home in a few days" -  and the conversation that follows only reinforces what this fight has already shown us. Dean and Sam are estranged, but they aren't strangers. They've been separated, but the time and distance has not actually affected the intimacy of their relationship at all, nor their understanding of each other. This sets us up, immediately, with the heart of the show - the relationship and love between these two brothers.

And, just as a sidenote, although I don't ship wincest myself, I completely understand why people do.

It's a great entrance, and a great (re-)introduction to the second half of our leading duo.

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