July 24th, 2018

The Boys in BC

One Scene Each Season: S11 - Long Midnight Talk

I did my best, folks, but Youtube kept pinging my clip as copyright infringement, even when I tried speeding up the audio so that the boys sounded like chipmonks. So, sadly, no youtube clip today, even though short-clips-to-aid-discussion totally fall under fair use. If anyone can get around youtube's automated systems and manages to upload the clip, let me know and I'll add the video. Apparently PERFECTLY EDITING the clip last night to include the fantastic transitions was a complete waste of my time. :(

Instead, you get transcript taken from the Supernatural Wiki:

S11 - 11x04 Baby - The Long Midnight Talk in the Impala

Collapse )

Why I chose this scene:

Firstly, of course, it's the domesticity and intimacy of it all. We so rarely get to see the quiet moments in the Winchester's lives. We so rarely get to glimpse the intimacy they have with each other - caused by their lifestyle and upbringing. And this scene just SITS in that completely for a full 5 minutes and 30 seconds. We get only the quiet night, words exchanged in the safe confines of the car. We see get to see them spread out along the benches. Dean up on the computer while Sam sleeps in the back. Then both of them bedding down afterwards again, before they're on the road yet again in the bright morning sun.

Secondly, S11 was SO REFRESHING in terms of giving us Winchesters who are working together. Showing us that there could still be "conflict" without the boys keeping secrets or being at each other's throats. We have Sam being honest with Dean - getting his feedback about the visions. We have Dean, at least attempting, to understand what Sam is saying - to understand where's he coming from.

BUT, everything they say is still fundamentally rooted in their personalities and the differences between them. Sam's faith in God, Dean's... for lack of a better word DISfaith...and belief instead in human action, specifically THEIR human action. We have Dean being more upset that Sam hadn't told him that he was infected before, than the fact that Sam might be getting visions. We get Dean dismissing Sam's vision as a fever dream, because that's preferable to believing that some higher power might be trying to talk to his brother. We get Sam tenatively raising his questions, explaining his past, because HE KNOWS that Dean will react the way he does... but Sam still listening.

We get the first true bitch/jerk exchanged since S2. We get Sam initializing it.

Thirdly, we not only have dialogue firmly rooted in character, but we also have dialogue that reveals the very premise of the show - the boys' complicated relationship with their father, their secret longing for normalcy, their fundamental isolation within the world (both physically seen in this scene and also metaphorically touched on), the fact that in the end they can really only rely on themselves... and the fact that what they have is the job, which pulls them to investigate cases even though they are "probably nothing", while shutting down the disconcerting sense of foreboding because "it's probably nothing."

It's an intensely RICH scene in words and gesture, and it's acted absolutely brilliantly. I wish I could have 100 episodes like Baby.

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