July 3rd, 2018

Darkness Defines

One Scene Each Season: S5 - They Chose Family

And now we come to the end of the original Kripke 5 year arc... so, naturally, my choice for S5 scene is well, the end of the original Kripke 5 year arc.

Swan Song: Chuck's final narration:

I'd even shave off the last 30 seconds when Sam is revealed.

Why did I chose this scene?

Well, first off, I guess this is cheating a little bit, since this isn't a scene, it's a narrated montage. But, whatever, I make the rules.

Mainly, I'm choosing this scene because it end Supernatural as such a perfect tragedy - as it was always set up to be (originally - these days, it could go either way on an ending). It's not a COMPLETE tragedy, but a perfect one - in that technically, it's a victory, but it's a victory at a high cost. Sam and Dean saved the world, and it costs Sam his life. Sam, who strived his whole life to break free from Hunting, who always believed and hoped that it was possible to do so, ends up sacrificing that dream (and himself) to save the world. Dean, meanwhile, who never had any hope that he would have a "home", could have a family beyond Sam, could escape the "life" ends up living Sam's dream... and actually having ALL of that (which he did secretly longed for), but the cost is the life of his brother - which makes the victory hollow, because if there was one thing Dean always put above his own dreams, it was Sam and Sam's dreams. So, the fact that Dean gets to live Sam's dream and Sam doesn't - I mean, OUCH.

It's a great ending, in my books, because it's hard to pull off the tragic victory - and I really think Kripke nailed it here.

And with or without the last 30 seconds, I love this ending because it left the door open for SO MUCH GREAT FIC. This was back in the days when I read fic (though it was a minefield of trying to avoid both Wincest and Destiel, neither of which I shipped) and I just remember so much great speculative fics about whether Dean stays with Lisa, or does go rescue Sam, how Sam escaped the cage, what his condition is, how much time had passed, etc. Sometimes, unanswered questions are the best thing a series can leave you with. 

I mean, off topic but related, I think a lot of people were disappointed with the Solo movie because they liked their imaginary versions of Han and Chewy's past better, they liked the excitement of speculating about it, rather than knowing for sure, or having an "official version" (I mean, same goes for all movies outside the original Star Wars trilogy really... *cough*except the prequels which were just objectively trash all around, so of course people hate them*cough*-what a long weird cough)

ANYWAY, it was a great wrap to the series, in my opinion:  On theme, foreshadowed well, and leaving that door open just enough that imaginations could run wild.

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