June 21st, 2018

Darkness Defines

One Scene Each Season: S2 - Random Unpredictable Evil

We continue with our exploration of Dean's character with my favourite scene from S2, and possibly my second favourite quote from the show of all time.

"There's no higher power, there's no God. There's just chaos and violence, and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere and rips you to shreds."

Man, I love him.

The thing is, he's not wrong - even all these years later. I mean, technically, there's a God in the show, BUT, because the God of Supernatural is actually a "god" and not the "God" of the actual Abrahamic faiths, even with god, there is still JUST chaos and violence, and random unpredictable evil that comes out of nowhere and rips you to shreds. The angels in SPN, from their conception, and with the seeming exception (most of the time) of Cas, have always been just as bad as demons from the perspective of the Winchesters. Certainly, they were rare on earth until S4, but after S4, we've seen them act much like demons do - using their vessels for their own ends, causing pain and destruction "for the greater good."  And God himself has proven to be both fallible and not omniscient, to the extent that, save for Castiel's resurrections and maybe one or two deus ex machina moments, he may as well not exist.

But really, even before we got to the reveal of angels (and by extension heaven and God) in S4, I loved this quote.

Dean is an atheist in a world where he KNOWS that demons and Hell are a thing. He has proof that the afterlife exists, and yet he doesn't even seem to entertain the idea that there might be a balanced "light" to the "dark." No, it is all just dark, it is all just misery... and Dean tells us this WITH A SMILE. Look at his smile as he delivers this line, as he says "...and rips you to shreds." It's... I don't think I'd even describe it as a bitter smile.... it's accepting. Dean has seen a world without salvation, a world that has already ripped him to shreds and he is sure will do so again, and he basically says "well, I might as well smile and do the best I can to make it a little bit better for as many people as I can before it kills me."

And THAT right there is a hero.

I think that's why a lot of "anti-heroes" rub me the wrong way. They're too bitter and miserable. Too reluctant. Dean does get more depressed as the series continues, it's true, but I think this here still remains the core of his character. 

I also maintain that even after the confirmed existence of God, that Dean remains an atheist... because he doesn't BELIEVE in God. He doesn't trust him. He doesn't have FAITH in God.... Dean believes and has faith in himself and those he loves, and Dean does not love God.

I feel like everything I've said so far is woefully inadequate for expressing my love for this scene and quote. But so much of it I haven't figured out how to put into words yet. Mainly though, this scene touches on a major theme of S1-S5, which I'll talk about more when I get to the scene I chose for S4. :)

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