May 11th, 2018

Sam's a badass

Quick Reaction: 13x22 Exodus

Yay for poor decisions! Episode downloaded, I have trouble falling asleep when I'm drunk anyway, so EPISODE IT IS - and yes, I know that it's not good to get this tipsy when you're drinking alone, but in fairness I have all of YOU people, figuratively, with me.

So, it's midnight, I am both tired and drunk - let's see if I can summarize and react to this episode... naturally, if you don't know the rules by now, there's no hope for you... (or you are new, HELLO!)


Collapse )

I am so tired, guys.

So, as usual, let me know your thoughts, balancing rule applies as far as you can stretch it. Tell me how beautiful Sam was and how amazing Dean's profile is.

I'll try to double-check my downloads next week earlier in the evening so that I don't end up going to bed at 2am again. This is going to HURT TOMORROW.

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