May 10th, 2018

Sam strung-out

Damn You Pirates!

I'm on the Island this week at my sister's place, who has slow internet for some unknown reason (probably because she doesn't work from home, and barely uses the internet when she is home, because she's got a far healthier lifestyle than I do in all respects)... 

....anyway, as a result I waited 4 HOURS to download tonights episode, only to discover that it was MISLABELED AND THE WRONG EPISODE!

So... life is horrible and I'm now drunk for no reason. 

I found the correct download, but it's going to be at LEAST an hour and it's already 11pm, and I have to watch, then write up, then sleep, then wake up in the morning....

so, this is all to say that if I DON'T post about the episode until sometime tomorrow, it is because I have given up. And if I do post about the episode before 2am PST, you'll know I'm an idiot who makes poor life decisions.

TL;DR: Sorry for the delay! Quick Reaction will be up as soon as I'm able to watch the episode, or after I've slept, whichever comes first.  This entry was originally posted at
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