August 30th, 2016

The Boys in BC

VanCon 2016: Monday - Location Hunting and Wayward Cocktail Party

So, with the Con officially over, but my friends still in town, it was time to extend the fun and participate in things that were restricted access.


As per usual, on Monday, raloria and I traveled around a few popular Supernatural filming locations. Despite living in Vancouver, I'd never been out to Riverview - which is a partially abandoned mental health hospital campus in Coquitlam. And I do mean CAMPUS. I hadn't actually realized how big it was. When people said "oh, that's filmed at Riverview", I just thought it was maybe one or two buildings - but nope! It's a huge place, with several meandering (and confusing) streets, and many many different types of buildings.
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Fun times were had by all though - and thus ended another VanCon.

I'll decide about next year in the spring - it'll depend on finances and stuff. I also want to go on a real vacation next year, and it might be too difficult to do both things, and real vacation is my #1 priority, because I haven't had one in 4-6 years (it depends if you count me going to Bermuda for 4 days to attend a wedding).