June 25th, 2016


Check out my talented sister!

Hi everybody!

I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a month. I've been taking a little break from a lot of things, mostly because I haven't been getting enough sleep to do anything productive with my downtime - and also because several things have happened this month that point out how horrible the world is, and it has made me retreat like a turtle into my shell.

HOWEVER... not everything is horrible. My sister, for instance, is a very talented singer-songwriter. She hardly ever records her stuff though, and mostly just performs live in various venues in and around Victoria BC. About a month ago, she manages to record a song and posted it on Soundcloud.

I put it up in a locked post then, because I constantly change my mind about sharing things concerning my personal life... but in anycase... those of you who inquired as to how you can buy the song are in luck! She now has it up on Bandcamp!

She's hoping to raise enough money through the sale of this one to help with recording another one. (Recording is expensive, you guys). Eventually, she wants to record an album, but that's a bit of a ways off financially.

It's really good! And I'm not just saying that because she's the Sammy to my Dean.