April 24th, 2016


Rewatch S10: Brother's Keeper (10x23)

Woot! Let's finish the season!

Brother's Keeper

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[Ah, Crowley, I am nothing like you, I never will be.]Dean in a bar. The bartender (in an empty bar) tells Dean he has an admirer while handing him a shot. When he looks over, it's a bloodied Castiel.
Dean: "And, you've come to apologize?"
Castiel disappears.
Crowley appears.
Crowley: "So this is how you dream. Really? Stale beer, sticky bar. Ugh, what is this, syphillus? The only thing you got right was the bartender."
Dean: "Well, they don't call them dry-dreams for nothing. Now beat it, this is me time."
Crowley: "Sorry, Squirrel, this is really me. Well, me inside your dream, but that's as close as I'm willing to get, since Moose tried to cash my chips."
Dean: "Really, hm. I'm sorry he missed."

Crowley tells Dean about Sam working with Rowena. Crowley blames Dean rejecting his offer to be his right-hand man.
Crowley: "...at the risk of taking this dream in a totally different direction - we complete each other."
Dean: "Ah, Crowley, I'm nothing like you, I never will be."
Crowley: "Actually, you're much worse - insane man, doesn't know he's insane."

*Dean breaks his beer bottle and threatens Crowley*
Dean: "I'm nothing like you."

Crowley snaps Dean awake.
- Obviously, this scene was supposed to go in before we see Dean wake up on the motel room floor.

[no dialogue]Sam is cleaning up the blood and gasoline in the bunke, and finds the picture in the pile of books.
-I think this was supposed to go in before the bullet-making scene, since he had the pictures on the table in that scene.

[I have won epic battles and I have reaped vast rewards, and none of it has meant as much to me as the relationships I have formed on earth.]Castiel questions Rowena wondering why she'd want to kill her own son.
Rowena: "Are you joking?"
Castiel: "No, that would be uncharacteristic of me. Though, I have been told I'm getting funnier."

- Ha, cute.

Rowena tells him that Crowley and Castiel himself have "Winchester derangement syndrome."
Rowena: "...more power than I can possibly dream of, utterly wasted, shattered, at the alter of Winchester. [...] It totally sinkens me to see so much power goes unspent, so much glory unclaimed."
Castiel: "Glory? I've seen glory. I've seen defeat. But I've seen the glory. I have won epic battles and I have reaped vast rewards, and none of it has meant as much to me as the relationships I've formed on earth. Sam and Dean they're like a family to me. Claire Novak, when she smiled at me, nothing, no angelic crusade or victor's bounty, none of that could ever hold a candle to that sweet, crooked smile."
Rowena: "You can't honestly think you're happier now. Broken wings, [suck-up?]."
Castiel: "All I know is that for the first time in a long time, I feel at peace with who I am. Whatever that may be."
Rowena: "A bitch."
Castiel: "Oh, I can assure you, if there is one thing I am not, it is a female dog."

- Oh man, I really like this scene. We get an answer to Castiel's "everyone loves something" comment earlier - Castiel does too! He loves Sam and Dean and also Claire. They're love doesn't even compare to the glory of heaven. It's SUPER SWEET, you guys. I love love.
- It's also insight into why Rowena didn't love Crowley... has rarely loved. She loves power and has chosen to essew love in favour of it.
- Also, this explains why Castiel suggested that Rowena might love Crowley, and then seemed confused when she didn't. Castiel loves a girl who isn't even really his daughter, so I bet he can't fathom someone who actually HAS children not loving them.

And we're done!! Woo!

I'll probaby do another post reviewing the special features, eventually, but yay! S10 rewatch finished BEFORE S11 ends. Good job, me.