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October 21st, 2015

Quick Reaction: 11x03 Bad Seed

Oh man, okay, so...

I've been drinking red wine tonight, which means I'm 10x drunker than usual.

So... here goes?

Need to know you're mine, when it gets down to the killing time...Collapse )

Next week is definitely a MOTW, but given the hype I've heard around the episode, I am very much looking forward to it! Plus, I love Robbie Thompson episodes. He's my new fave.

FYI: For those wondering - I still have to get my hands on the Supernatural S10 DVDs before I can start that rewatch (and update the clothing catalogue). I'll look into it soon, I swear. Sometimes my sister gives them to me for my birthday, so I didn't want to buy them before I saw her. I just saw her this weekend and she gave me something else instead - so now I know that I can go ahead and buy the DVDs myself when I get my next paycheck.