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October 7th, 2015

SEASON 11! Holy crow! I just wrote "SEASON !!" by accident and then corrected it, but I think it applies too.

Man, I can't believe when I started watching this show back in the summer of '08, one of the appeals of it was that I thought it was ending in two years. What a fool I was... this is just like that time I was hestitant to get into the MCU fandom, because I didn't want them to do Civil War, and all of my online friends were like "They AREN'T going to do Civil War! Don't be ridiculous." So, I was like "Really? Oh, okay, guess I'll invest all my emotions in these characters then with the knowledge that I won't have to survive Civil War..."

On of these days I'll learn my lesson.

Anyway, off topic already, let's get this road on the show...

Because of the new job and earlier mornings, I've started to take short reminder notes while I watch the episode in the hopes that these reviews won't take me as long to type up.

That being said, DISCLAIMER: I still only watch this show once, without breaks, while drinking heavily... so, while my notes will help me (hopefully) remember things in the right order, all quotes will be paraphrased and i might not remember some things exactly. Please only correct me if I ask you to or if it's a major plot or character point that I've got completely assbackwards.

Okay, now, really SHOW ON ROAD...

'Honey, I can't afford your fear when another world is possible'Collapse )

Needless to say, I'm intrigued about what will happen next week!!

Okay, so, verdict is: that was way EASIER to type up with short notes to remind myself of scene order, but still took an hour - so, sucks to me when it comes to getting sleep on Wednesdays this year!

As usual, please comment with thoughts or anything that I missed or glossed over that you desperately want to talk about!