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September 1st, 2015

VanCon 2015: Friday Report

Woot! First day of the con. I'm currently writing (most of) this report on Monday. So, let me recall the first day....

'I have so many burning penis stories!'Collapse )

And that was Friday!


VanCon 2015: Saturday - Part 1

Saturday started bright and early with Richard and Rob once again being hilarious and absolutely fantastic MC/Band combo. Richard apparently lost a pair of pants at Karaoke, which lead to much hilarity...

'What do they expect us to do - promote the show ourselves?! I've got pants to find!'Collapse )

I had to split this post into two, because it was too large... so, Part 2 will be posted in a minute....


VanCon2015: Saturday - Part 2

Saturday continues....

I'm going to be proactive, so I start taking my clothes offCollapse )

Of course, I was pretty buzzed from it all, so I maybe only got 4 hours at most before it was time to wake up for the boys... but that's in the next report...