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August 17th, 2015

I'm going to VanCon!

Thanks to the extreme kindness and generosity of this fandom, I get to go to VanCon!

Yesterday I woke up and did my finances and discovered that not only could I NOT afford to even a second hand ticket this year (and I was seriously only going to spend $100 on it), but I also am probably not going to be able to afford my rent on the 1st. So, yeah, no VanCon for me. I can borrow money for the rent, but I can hardly borrow money to goof off with my friends for a weekend. I spent the whole day trying to think of ways I could get the money, failing, and then being sad that I really just couldn't go.

And then at the end of the day I sat down at my computer in order to compose a "I can't go to VanCon :( " LJ post, and before I could even type it, I got a message about this lovely donated ticket that was available for someone in my situation.