April 22nd, 2015

Sam strung-out

Quick Reaction: 10x19 The Werther Project

Woo! So, I think Robert Berens just became my fave SPN writer....

Firstly though, after the drunk-fest that was last week's Quick Reaction, some of you will be sad that this week I am completely sober. Hopefully, I'm still entertaining! I've still only watched the episode once though, so memory might not be perfect, but I will try.

Let's get right down to it...

Collapse )

Next week looks wicked too!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments - if I missed talking about anything super major. Also, as usual, forgive me my spelling mistakes, spell check doesn't work for me on LJ and I am not the world's greatest speller.

(Also, speaking of spelling: For those who read these reviews AND the demented'verse - I'm about to start posting Part 2 of the PPP fic, I'm just waiting for my betas to get back to me.)