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April 9th, 2015

Wanna help me brainstorm?

I've been sick for the past week. But I am now feeling better! Yay! I can tell that I'm feeling better because at one point today I was suddenly like "My god, my apartment is a mess... also, why am I still unemployed? And also, why haven't I finished that fic yet?!"

Anyway, once again, this is just me apologizing for the delay...

BUT... if anyone wants to help me with an upcoming piece of fic writing....


1. How do you think the back-end of S9 could have been done differently to both give Gadreel his quasi-redemption (or at least set him on the path to it) WITHOUT killing him?

2. If Gadreel lived, what do you think he would be doing in S10 if anything?

3. If Tessa hadn't been killed, do you think Metatron's plan to frame Castiel for the suicide bombings would have still worked? (I'm thinking yes.... which makes me more pissed off about Tessa, since her death didn't even have a point to the PLOT.)

Okay, I think that's all... let me know your thoughts in comments!